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How to Share Router Detect Mikrotik and Count in 2024

Share Router Detect Mikrotik is most important for ISPs. Most of the time we need to maintain our Mikrotik router for Security. Here you show many people are using 2nd router. 

Many people connect to the mother router and share their connection to another router or use another router for good frequency. But some of the people are selling it to neighbor people. In this case, the ISP needs to monitor it for bandwidth save.

Some people sell to many people from their routers to their neighbor’s router. In that case, they are cheating on the ISP and the ISP does not understand everytime. They need to apply this rule and it shows the item of people who are using the shared router.


Share Router Detect Mikrotik

Documentation Make Mr. Arif Mehedi

LinkedIn Account: Mr. Arif Mehedi

Share Router Detect Mikrotik


In this Documentation, you should easily understand how to make these rules. If you have any question then please comment here. This document makes for helps people who regularly work on the Mikrotik Router. You can try this rule in your Mikrotik Router for finding the people who are using Share Router in your network.

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