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Jamal Bhuyan The Best Bangladeshi Footballer 2022

Jamal Bhuyan the best Bangladeshi Footballer. He is a star player in Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, the football team captain’s name is Jamal Bhuyan. He is now one of the best players on the Bangladesh football team.

Always he leads this Bangladeshi team. The Bangladeshi football team is now touching the final destination like the world cup match playing.

But they are already trying very hard and regularly work in their fields. Today we discussed the Jamal Bhuyan lifestyle. Jamal Bhuyan is playing as a Midfielder. But he has a good speed in his playing skills. Every time he supports the defender and forward players also. Many times Jamal Bhuyan makes goals also. He is an unpredictable player here.


Jamal Bhuyan The Best Bangladeshi Footballer

Jamal Bhuyan talks in English and Denish Fluently and uses the Bangla language as semi-fluent. Jamal first plays his debut match against Nepal in 2013. 


Jamal Bhuyan Family

Jamal Bhuyan is a Bangladeshi footballer born in Denmark. His father was mainly Bangladeshi. But his mother and father’s name is unknown. Jamal Bhuyan not to share it with anybody. Right now Jamal Bhuyan does not share his family member’s name. 


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Jamal Bhuyan wife name

Jamal Bhuyan recently married a Denmark Lady. She is very charming and beautiful. He does not share his family members’ details. Even photos also. But Jamal Bhuyan shares his wedding picture on social media. His wife’s nationality is mainly Denmark. Jamal Bhuyan’s wedding ceremony was also held in Denmark.



Jamal Bhuyan



Jamal Bhuyan Religion

Jamal Bhuyan’s religion is Islam. He is maintaining his Islamic culture. He also married in an Islamic way. Bangladesh has most of the people who are Islamic. We are not to watch Jamal Bhuyan any bad activities. He is a good player and a good person. He just plays matches regularly as well as his team needs. Many people want to know about Jamal Bhuyan Religions because he is born in Denmark but he plays for Bangladesh.


Jamal Bhuyan age

Jamal Bhuyan age now 32 years 3 months 15 days. He is a very charming and vital player in Bangladesh.  Most of the time, Jamal Bhuyan plays very well and he creates a good combination with other players.  A team captain is a very important role.  Jamal day by day maintains his regular work as well as performance. 


Jamal Bhuyan height and Weight

Jamal Bhuyan’s height is very nice. He is always maintaining his body for the better playing in his career.  Jamal Bhuyan’s height is 5 feet and 7.5 inches. He is a tall player. For instance,  his height helps him to hit a ball by the head easily. After that, Jamal also maintains his body weight. Every player should be knowledgeable about body weight because body weight maintains the player’s performance.  

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Jamal Bhuyan skills

Jamal Bhuyan Skills are very important for the Bangladesh football team. Jamal Bhuyan’s main thing is stamina. He is very strong and his maintaining skill are a very important role in every game. A professional footballer needs some skills like passing and receiving, shooting, decision making, dribbling, heading, touch and ball control, Skills and tricks, running off the ball, etc. Mainly, Jamal Bhuyan’s skills like dribbling and running the ball are very nice.


Jamal Bhuyan team

Jamal Bhuyan playing in the Bangladeshi National Football team. He is also playing on an Indian football club team. Jamal Bhuyan also plays in the Saif Sporting Club. Mainly Jamal Bhuyan famous Bangladeshi Footballer. He was born in Denmark but his career developed in Bangladesh. 



Jamal Bhuyan



Jamal Bhuyan goals

Jamal Bhuyan goals are not a very big number.  He is mostly playing for the midfielder position.  So he always makes the goals but he has not more than five international goals. He is a star player in Bangladesh. But his goal score is not very high.


Jamal Bhuyan FIFA ranking

Jamal Bhuyan is very poor position as another player in this world. He is not getting the best score or goals. But he maintains a good team and makes a team win. FIFA always count the player’s score and their performance. Jamal Bhuyan’s performance is nice but he does not compete with the world’s other players. 


Jamal Bhuyan Transfermarkt

Jamal Bhuyan’s Transfermarkt is showing that he is lastly joined the Saif Sporting club. He was playing for the Indian club named Mohammedan. Jamal Bhuyan’s transfer rate is €150th. He is now the most popular player in Bangladesh who are transferable at this rate.

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Jamal Bhuyan salary 

Jamal Bhuyan’s net worth is $4 to $5 million. But his Salary is more than 10 lacks in the Bangladeshi team. He is a very popular player on the Bangladeshi football team and he gets a good salary from the Bangladeshi team. He is also playing in the club also. Many times he is playing for hire many teams. 


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