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Mrittunjoy chowdhury new fast bowler bd 22

Mrittunjoy chowdhury is a top famous young Bangladeshi cricketer. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury is a Bangladesh cricketer. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury is a Hindu cricketer of the Bangladesh cricket team. Bangladesh have many Hindu’s crickter like Liton Das, Shomya Sarkar and many others.


mrittunjoy chowdhury


Mrittunjoy is the new young star player on the Bangladesh cricket team. However, Mrittunjoy is Left arm medium fast peser. Last 10 to 12 matches he playing outstanding. The Bangladeshi people are really surprised to see this new young star player. Mrittunjoy Chowdhury is now injured for the past tournament.


Sates of Mrittunjoy Chowdhury


Mrittunjoy Chowdhury belongs to Satkhira in Bangladesh.

Mrittunjoy Chowdhury was born on 28 June 2001.

Now Mrittunjoy is 21 years old and Mrittunjoy is a medium-fast bowler.


About Mrittunjoy playing skill


Mrittunjoy Chowdhury is doing medium fast bowling as well. His bowling tendency is unbeatable.  After so many years Bangladesh cricket team gets a first-class bowler like Mrittunjoy Chowdhury. However, mrittunjoy has some batting skills too. He is actually a bowler but sometime he also batting well. If he playing regularly to the team i hope he will definately well result for Bangladesh team.


mrittunjoy chowdhury


Mrittunjoy’s dream for Bangladesh cricket


Mrittunjoy has seen many dreams for Bangladesh cricket. When he was in the under – 19 cricket world cup he wanna see the world cup win and finally, Bangladesh got under – 19 world cup 2020. This under-19 cricket world cup is a very great achievement for Bangladesh and I really feel proud of all of you. But in 2020 when this world cup started after some matches Mrittunjoy was injured.  Then the Bangladesh cricket board send him to Australia to do his surgery. After all, this was a great and memorizable journey for Mrittunjoy.

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Under – 19 story of Mrittunjoy

Mrittunjoy is a very much stunning and extraordinary fast bowler to the Bangladesh cricket team.  He is a very hard-working fast bowler and he is also very handsome. In the under 19 stories, he is doing very much hard work for the National team selection. After a very hard-working Bangladesh cricket board is like his playing skill. Then Bangladesh cricket board decided to change him to the national team.


Mrittunjoy national team performance


Mrittunjoy is a great fast bowler nowadays. After hitting a chance to the national team  Mrittunjoy doing his best on the field. Then people saw the gaming skill of Mrittunjoy and it is really really enjoyable and a piece of great news for Bangladeshi cricket lovers. I really very satisfied his nationnal team performance. He plaing some matches to the national team but already he become a hot player in the team.


Playmaker fast blower Bangladesh

If you say who is the best playmaker fast bowler of Bangladesh cricket team.  Then one name always comes to the top of the list which player name is Mustafizur Rahman.  He is in the top 5 dangerous fast bowlers.  Therefore, Mustafizur Rahman also belongs to Satkhira in Bangladesh.


Bangladeshi cricket situation now


Therefore, In Bangladesh cricket is the most famous game and people love it very much. In Bangladesh, every age people is loving this cricket game. Children in Bangladesh play cricket from their child age to old age. However, Cricket is a very stunning game for everyone.

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Day by day Bangladeshi cricket is being developed. Most importantly it’s very much working for the player’s psychology. Bangladesh team this season is number 1 ranking in the ICC point ranking. Many new players come to the team. The most popular new player is Mrittunjoy Chowdhury, Nasum Ahmed, Mahedi, Akbor Ali, Saif Hasan, and many more.


First bowler Bangladesh team


Bangladesh team has now many first bowlers and most of the bowlers performed world-class performances. The one name always comes first if you say who is the best first bowler in the Bangladesh Cricket team then the name is Mustafizur Rahman. However, he is an outstanding and world-class performer.


Most Popular First Bowler Bangladesh-


Taskin Ahmed

Rubel Hossain

Mustafizur Rahman

Mrittunjoy Chowdhury

Sofiul Islam


Ziaur Rahman

Soriful Islam

Shomya Sarkar

Ibadot Hossain




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