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Top 5 Features for the New Android Play Store Application in 2022

Play Store Application in 2022 has many features. Android Play store application is a store of Applications.  Here huge android apps and games are uploaded regularly. Most of the traffic here is using the play store mobile application.

This is for the android application store space. Google regularly stores new apps, games, shows, and movies for free and paid services. Play Store Application in 2022 lots of application are get in.

Android applications and games are published here by many Playstore users. Playstore is a common name in the overall world. Android has many versions. Applications are also updated day by day. Today we are talking about the best 5 features of the New Android Play Store application. Play Store Application in 2022 is stunning.

Play Store Application in 2022

Firstly people play store is an application that only runs on Android mobile. This is a Google product. Everyone uses it regularly. All the safe and protected Android applications are available here. Every day huge publishers are publishing many apps there. Of the cases, many apps are free here and some apps are also paid here. Play Store has now huge update in 2022. Play Store Application in 2022 is helpful.

Today we know about the top 5 Features for the New Android Play Store Application in 2022. Here in 2022, Playstore launched many options including play store. This google play store 2022 features names like Games, Apps, Offers, Movies & Tv, and Books. Play Store Application in 2022 is all are good performance apps. These are the five most usable category are available now on Playstore.

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We know Google play store has applications and games as before. But here you can easily read any kind of book, watch movies and you also get digital offers. Digital offers mean subscriptions to any digital platform at a small price.

Google always helps the people who work with google. Play store is a place or app here application Developer is publishing their apps but they have published it in 2 ways paid or Free. If a developer has a Google Play store account then he must this account buy from google. Play Store Application in 2022 is wonderful & qualityful


Play Store Application in 2022


After buying a play store account you will publish your apps. After publishing your app you must need google approvals for publishing apps. If your application is not so good or scam or spam and google detects it then it must be rejected. Play Store Application in 2022 upcoming more apps also.

If your application is safe then your application show on the play store. But here is a problem for new application developers. Because new apps are not showing the search results. You must need good knowledge of SEO. Google publishing your apps and google indexing them if you have the SEO knowledge. Today we are not discussing that. If you are interested then you will comment. We will write the procedure. 


Play Store Application in 2022 Games Section

After that, Games are the most important category here. In the world huge people like games. Many people like mobile games. They mostly play games on Android or iPhone. Today in the digital world huge games are now famous. People, every time love to play games. You can easily just download the games to your phone and installed them.


Play Store Application in 2022


After installation, you can play the gaming enjoyment.  Huge games application is also free here. Every application hasn’t a pro version. But now many applications have pro versions. If you use the pro version then you must buy it from the play store. Many apps are used to buy subscriptions but it’s a feature of that application. In that case, no need to pay in the play store. Here users buy it in a specific application using a feature.

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Google play store games


At the same games are also like that. But games work differently. You play any high-quality games when you need the unlock any feature of the games and buy it for unlock then must pay for that games. I think their application and games app system is like seminars. But most free application developers earn money from the google play store by using google ads

How to Earn Money using Google ads


Google ads always publish their ads on various platforms. They serve their ads on websites, YouTube,  web applications, mobile apps, etc. Every day we are watching ads in our daily activities. Google always research your behavior and try to know about your interest. Then Google tries to serve you ads in fronts of you like your interest and location-based.

This is a google super technic. All the free application developers are using this ad. They are setting the ads in their applications and games. Google also shows ads. After getting the ad revenue google also share the ad earnings with the app developers in Google Adsense. Every month developers are getting Commission here. If you have 1 or 2 apps and you got some users then do not imagine how much you can earn. So this is a big opportunity from the Google Play store.

Google play store offers

After that, Google now offers you many things. If you are browsing the offers tab on the Google play store then you know the features.


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Play Store Application in 2022


Here you can offer many things for many purposes. Here you find like awesome games, applications, tv subscriptions, etc. It is a new feature of the google play store. Huge people are regularly working on it. Google is also working on this option for its betterment. 

Google Play stores movie & tv

In addition, Google play store also has a feature that you can easily watch movies and tv easily. You just browse your play store application and select the Movies and tv section.


Play Store Application in 2022


Here you can also Watchin like google tv, many early released movies, most popular movies, dramas, stories, musical shows, etc. If you use this tab then you see that it is also not free for the users all the time. Most of the shows are paid services Served. 

Google play store Books

The last but not least, the books tab on the google play store. Here also you can read books and magazines. If you are a book lover then this tab is for you. If you do not find any books online then you can find it. This tab is working very nicely.

You can read here to spend less than 10 dollars also for many books. You should have a good feature here. If you want to pre-order any books that it possible here and you read them later many books regularly come in our market but we don’t know which time we got them.

With this feature, you can pre-order the books and you easily and at the fastest time read the book which is YOU pre-ordered.

Play Store Application in 2022


Here also have main Asian stories, thrillers, comedy, action, etc are the Category of books. Huge people are regular read it here. Here you can buy a series of books.

You can also the whole series buy in one subscription. Here you can find the new release books, romantic books, and many people’s lifestyles. You just order it and you will read the books easily. Here huge facilities have in this 2022 Playstore application.

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