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Real Madrid possible opponents for round of 16 final play

Real Madrid possible opponents for the round of 16 are Liverpool or PSG. Potential opponents Real Madrid ranking on a round of 16 in the champions League. Round of 16 in champions League draw have been set after Wednesday. This post is for the round of 16 of champions League last matches real madrid advance to went the next round. If they having won their group then real Madrid face runners-up to the group stage.Therefore, this is the great opportunity to winning everything to Real Madrid. However real break these teams into three tires.


real madrid possible opponents


Real Madrid football team is now in stable from. If wr look every last matches we can see their are lot of lacing in the team. Most of the time Real Madrid score at the ending moment of the match. However, now the team combination becomes very stunning. Each and every players are in good feet and very well playing in every match.

However, Real Madrid can make some rotation of return leg. Therefore, both club Brugge & Eintracht Frankfurt teams Real wants to draw in next Monday match. However, Real Madrid is the most heavy favorite team for the football fans. In this season AC Milan, Inter Milan, Dortmund are not so much playing well. In this season all the three teams are playing so bad. None of the player in team playing well. All of the three teams are particularly not well playing in this season.


Potential opponents Real Madrid ranking


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Real madrid football club have lots of fan all over the world. Mostly who are seeing football regular they are mostly fans Real Madrid for the teams and emotions. Real Madrid football team is a emotions for the football fans. Real Madrid is the most capable football team in the world now.


real madrid possible opponents


Therefore PSG & Liverpool both team is one of the best football club and best football team in the world. If Real Madrid scared of any football team then both of this two team causes of scared for Real Madrid football team. In this champions League in round of 16 Real Madrid face Liverpool either PSG. So this match will be a great war for the football fans entertainment. If real madrid possible opponents will be Liverpool then it will be more hard for real madrid. In other hand, if PSG will be real madrid possible opponents then it’s quiet tought to win Real Madrid.

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