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Top Cardiologist in New York City 2023

Top Cardiologist in New York City is the most important person in the United States. Every day they work for people who are affected by heart disease. Top Cardiologists in New York City doctors make some operations and give the best suggestions for heart disease people.

The heart is a very complicated organ in the human body. If it does not work then people are not alive. At this time heart attack is the most common disease every day. If your heart is not working then you need some ventilation for some minutes. Otherwise, people could die.


Top Cardiologist in New York City

Cardiology means Heart specialist doctors. They are very specialists in specific organs. The heart is the most important part of every human being and animal. A heart properly works for a body then the body gives good service for a good time. Cardiologists mainly look the heart disease and work capability. Sometimes they replace some human organs in the heart.

The heart is the primary organ in our body. A heart always pumps blood for the body’s organs. Our brain is always active when the heart is made of muscle and electric impulses


Heart Outside functional organs name 

  • Aorta
  • Pulmonary Artery
  • Vena cava
  • Right coronary artery(RCA)
  • Left coronary artery(LCA)
  • Circumflex artery
  • Left anterior descending artery
  • Coronary Veins 
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Best Cardiologist

Here RCA mainly supplies the blood to the right atrium, right vertical, and back or septum. Coronary veins bring blood back to the heart from the other part of the body’s organs. LCA divides into two branches, the circumflex artery, and the left anterior descending artery. Circumflex mainly supplies the blood to the left atrium and the side with the back of the left vertical. LDA supplies blood to the font and the bottom of the vehicle and the font of  the septum


Best Cardiologist  New York


Top Cardiologist in New York City


Dr. Mark Seldon

He is one of the best doctors in New York as a Cardiologist. Top Cardiologist in New York City and his experience is more than 21 years. Mark is a very well-known doctor as a heart specialist. Firstly, he tries to figure out the problem of the patient’s problem. After that, Mark goes to treatment for the patients. 


Dr. Omid Kohani

Dr. Omid Kohani is one of the best New York Cardiologists. However, Dr. Kohani and Doctor’s staff are very helpful. We definitely recommend Dr. Kohani for any kind of Cardiologist treatment for anybody who needs a good heart doctor in New York. He is one of the top Cardiologist in New York City


Dr. Anna Kezerashvili

Dr. Anna Kezerashvili is a female doctor. She is the very perfect doctor for the cardiac patient. KezMed Medical PC, 1963 Williamsbridge Rd, Bronx, NY 10461 is the main office for her appointment. If you contact her then must try to mail her office. Anna is one of the top cardiologist in New York City and female person.

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She is a top-class doctor. In New York, a huge number of doctors are available in many hospitals. But Always people search for the best quality doctor. Sometimes female patients are searching for the best quality female doctor. So you can take the best suggestion here.


Dr. Vladimir Fridman

Dr. Vladimir Fridman is board certified doctor in New York by the American Board of Internal Medicine. Internal medicine and the cardiology department are closely run as his perfect instruction. Be Well Primary Health Care Center, Brooklyn, NY Phone (appointments) 718-434-0711 is the Number for appointments.


Dr. Barry Bellovin

Dr. Barry Bellovin is the most common name of is Cardiologist in New York. He is a good doctor. 23-35 Bell Boulevard Bayside, NY 11360 (718) 229-2121 (718) 229-3502 is the contact details for Barry Bellovin. If you need his appointment then call him and book the appointment list.


They are all very special doctors in NY, United States. Top Cardiologist in New York City are makes good for their patient.  So you can share this post details with your interested people who have a need for the diseases

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