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Thanks to “Find my device” apk | find my device location tracker app 2023

Thanks to “Find my device” For which I lost the phone today. Therefore this is a find my device location tracker app. If this phone is lost, the number of lost phones would be three. I lost my first phone while boarding the train at this station. Anyway, my today’s journey was on a tight schedule. I took a train from Zaria at six o’clock and at exactly eight o’clock I had to take another train to go home, which was the last train. Anyway, everything is fine. When the train came to the station, it left the train. I and my younger brother ran and got on the moving train.

find my device location tracker app


My phone fell out of my pocket while running and I realized it when my air bud connection got disconnected. I and my younger brother got off the moving train without anyone else doing it. Then search the comb. The name of the phone has no smell. I lost two phones before. I was forgetting everything just thinking about it. I tried to keep my head cool. I was calling on the phone by taking the phone from others. I know that I will not get the phone because my phone is always silent.


So there’s not much use in calling. Some people didn’t even want to call because they thought it was a fraud. However, then I remembered the “Find my Device” application because of it is really working. After some kind of request, I took the phone from someone and downloaded the app from Play Store. Let’s talk about the work of the app. If you have Gmail logged in on your phone and the data connection is on, then you can trace the location from any other phone by logging into Gmail on that phone.

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Anyway, I believed that the phone was around the railway line. Anyway, I forgot the Gmail password while downloading the app from the play store and logging in. After many attempts, I logged in. Then I saw that the phone was somewhere around the railway line. If you search find my device apk then you can get easily the application.

find my device apk


But I couldn’t find it anywhere. Fifteen or twenty other people started searching with me. Again I was doubting if someone hid the phone after getting it. I left it to luck. But I thought I would get the phone. The location of the phone was fixed in the app, so I was a little confident that the phone had not been stolen yet. After that, when I did not get the phone, everyone almost gave up hope of the phone. Those whose phones I searched for so long, also left.

Then I started searching again with the phone of Den platform police. Then the phone was showing in the right place. There is an option in the app called Security Sound. Its function is that even if your phone is silent, the security alarm will sound on your phone. So I tried the security alarm for the last time. Immediately, the sound rang in the bushes near my feet. Therefore, find my device location tracker app 2023 is really worked every time.


What a peace I felt. Many of those who were leaving also came back. So far everyone was saying that the phone was taken away by someone. But the phone I received through this app surprised everyone. Anyway, I have to describe everyone again. However, you can get easily on play-store find my device location tracker app 2023.

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How my fate has given me today:


1. If I didn’t have earbuds in my ears, I might have felt it, or the phone fell out of my pocket. Maybe I felt it after getting off the train. I thought someone had taken the phone.

2.I listened to music from YouTube. Due to this the phone data was on. Which is usually not there.

3.I have not forgotten the password to Gmail. So I have some suggestions for you.



find my device location tracker app


When you go out with your phone, you should:


1.Be sure to charge the phone sufficiently.

2.Buy data on the phone even if it is small and keep the data on.

3.Must be logged in to Gmail on the phone.

4.Be sure to remember the password of Gmail.

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