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Football top scorers 2022 | vini jr

top scorers 2022


football top scorers 2022 this season probably goes to vini jr. Mostly vini jr goals in every single match this season.  He played amazing this season and he carried most football fans for his playing. Most people are now fans vini jr for his stunning playing and stunning finishing.


Football Top Scorers 2022


top football scorer this season one and only undoubtedly vini jr. Most probably vini jr goals 44+ goals this season. He is really grateful for his carrier. Most important vini jr scores every match and it is very much important to growing his carrier for his bright future.

top goal scorer football


If this season calling a top scorer player then one name is always top of the list. Therefore, the name of the player is vini jr. However, this season vini jr goals most and he is the top scorer on his team Real Madrid.


top scorer football history


top score footballer in history if you say then many players come to the list. Therefore, mostly the top scorer footballer player name is Cristiano Ronaldo. Now the top scorer footballer football player in history is Cristiano Ronaldo. 


Cristiano Ronaldo scored more than 130+ goals in his carrier.  Then the second highest scorer in football history is Lionel Messi.  Therefore the third height scorer footballer is Sunil chetry. However, the Sunil cherry belongs to India. Therefore, Sunil Chetry is one of the best forward on the Indian football team.

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top scorer in football 2022


In 2022 Vini Jr. is the top scorer player for this season. Therefore Vini Jr. is a Brazilian forward player and he is professional. However, Vini Jr. Played for the Real Madrid football club and he shine in his carrier scoring to stay with the Real Madrid football club.


vini jr stats


Vini jr is a Brazilian forward player and he is one of the most famous and dangerous forward player nowadays.

Therefore, Vini jr born in 12 july in 2000. Vini jr born in the state of Rio the Janeiro in Brazil.


football top scorers 2022


vini jr real madrid Football Top Scorers 2022


In real madrid football team vini jr is so much important for Real Madrid club. Vini jr is a professional forward player and in Real madrid he also playing the same forward position. Vini jr is the top scorer player in his team in 2022. He beat every single player to his team to scoring goals this season.


vini jr fifa 22 Football Top Scorers 2022


We all know that, after some days FIFA will arranging football world cup in Qatar. According to FIFA 22 report vini jr is the best and one of the dangerous forward player. Vini jr top scorer in this season, he is goals most of this season.


vini jr jersey


Therefore, Vini jr playing Brazilian football team and in club football he playing for Real Madrid football club. In Brazil football team his jursey number is 20 and also Real madrid football team vini jr jursey number is 20. For Neymar he is not playing for jursey number 10 in Brazil football team.

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