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Gol De Julian Alvarez | Goles De Julian Alvarez Manchester City

gol de julian alvarez is one of the best player now from Argentina. Julian Alvarez is a professional footballer who plays for Argentine National Team. He plays for the club Manchester City. He plays as forward for both the national team and club. His nickname is ‘La Arana’(which means the spider). He born on 31 January in 2000. His birth place is in Spain. He is just 22 years old. But he achieved so many thing during this small portion of his life. He already debut his first world cup in 2022 and won it. He did tremendous job for his team in the world cup.


gol de julian alvarez


Alvarez is very good at snatching the ball from the opponent. Physically strong this striker show his magic in the De-box area. He is also experts to goal by his head though he is just 5 feet and 7 inches tall. If he losses ball, he somehow managed to get back from the opponent in very short period. He is a very young player of Argentine football team. He is like a goal machine in opponents eye. gol de julian alvarez is a very well behaved player.



Alvarez is a wonderful player. At this very young age, he already show his talent. He joined River Plate in 2016. In that, he participate in the Generation Adidas Cup. He did trails with Real Madrid and Boca Juniors. He could not join his dream team Real Madrid due to age restrictions. He used toplay for youth in River Plate till 2018. In 2018, he made his debut for senior team in the club.Mostly girls in the Argentina become fans gol de julian alvarez.

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During staying in River Plate he made his appearance in different big events. Then in 2020, he joined the club Manchester City. He made a five and a half year contract with them. In which he did a very good job. He mostly used as substitutes before. But Alvarez made his position very clear and strong. He made his excellence in national team also.



gol de julian alvarez



Career statistics :


In World Cup 2022

• 4 goal in 7 matches
In River Plate-
• In 2018-19: 1 goal in 8 appearance
• In 2019-20: 2 goals in 17 appearance
• In 2020: 9 goals in 25 appearance
• In 2021: 24 goals in 46 appearance
In Manchester City-
• In 2022-23: 7 goals in 20 appearance
In River Plate (loan)
• In 2022: 18 goals in 26 appearance


Big Achievement:

  1. 2022 FIFA World Cup Champions
  2. 2022 Finalissima Champions
  3. 2021 Copa America Champions
  4. 2020 Conmebol Pre Olympic Champions

Therefore, Julian Alvarez is a perfect center forward. He has all the quality to be a perfect number nine. However, This strong player is making history already in national team Argentina. He has made his existence very strong both the club and the national team. goles julian alvarez is a very stunning player. Having a lot of skills goles de julián álvarez. Most stunning player is now gol de julian alvarez argentina.

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