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Best Forward Player : Antony Matheus Dos Santos Brazil

In Brazil antony matheus dos santos Brazilian one of the best young player. Football was the only joy in my life for enjoying. Therefore, I used to play football in the slum square. However, once it was made of clay. Then later it became concrete and I used to play soccer barefoot on concrete. After that, I returned home every day. Moreover, we didn’t have the money to buy good shoes or any football kites. Therefore, we did not have the courage to tear off the school shoes.


antony matheus dos santos brazil


Mostly, everyone played in that square – truck drivers or construction workers or police thugs. Moreover, everyone was equal on the football field. Mostly, dribbling was natural to me, and when football was on my feet. However, I had no fear. Therefore, I didn’t care about anyone. Moreover, I just killed everyone. Mostly elastic beat drug dealers.


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◊ However, rainbow flicks the robbers. Therefore, I didn’t care if the ball was at my feet. However, I used to sleep in the same bed with my parents at home. Mostly, when he turned his side during sleep. However, he was with his father, when he turned his side to his mother. Antony said that, when he was 11, his parents separated. However, it was a very difficult time. Moreover, Father used to leave for work at 5 in the morning and return at 8 at night.

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◊ Happiness cannot be understood without suffering. But that suffering has to be done through the proper use of the brain. However, Antony said, “I was born in Hell in Brazil. I’m not exaggerating at all, but the slum I was born in São Paulo was called Inferinho (Little Hell). Therefore, the area was notorious for drug trafficking. However, ten steps from my doorstep, drug peddlers peddled hand-to-hand drugs from dawn to dusk their customers also ate them while standing there.

Mostly, we were not afraid of guns and pistols. Because I got used to seeing it. Therefore, I was afraid of the police. Once the police kicked in the door of the house. They were looking for a criminal. However, almost every house in Inferinho has such broken doors. Moreover, we were not afraid to see the dead body. Everyone’s said antony matheus dos santos brazil footballer is very talent-full player.



antony matheus dos santos brazil



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Because I got used to seeing it. Whatever, when I was 8 years old and go on my way to school then I saw someone lying dead in our lane. Do you have to go to school? Therefore, I closed my eyes, left the body, and went to school. Mostly such was life in Little Hell. antony matheus dos santos brazil team best young forward player nowadays.

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