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Where made football world cup fifa every year?

football world cup fifa is made every year mostly in Pakistan. Therefore, this year Al Rihla ball is made also in Pakistan. About two-thirds of the world’s footballs are made in Sialkot, Pakistan. Among them is the Adidas Al Rihla ball of this year’s World Cup. Al Rihla means Journey–The name of the travelogue written by the traveler Ibn Battuta was Al Rihla. But Al Rihla is not just polyurethane, rubber, and air, it is a high-tech ball. football world cup fifa made with so much carefully in Pakistan.


football world cup fifa made football


These Pakistani women’s hand-stitched balls have an inertial measurement unit (IMU) sensor at the center, which will send the ball’s position, speed, etc. data 500 times per second to a central computer, which VAR (Video Assistant Referees) will use to make decisions. . There is also a rechargeable battery inside the ball for this sensor, which can be charged by induction or wirelessly.


football world cup fifa



Al Rihla ball


With technology, this ball has gotten faster; This increases the offense’s advantage and the goalie’s disadvantage. The second image shows the center of an Al Rihla ball. The third picture is of Uruguay’s choice ball in the second half of the first World Cup final in 1930. I think so this year made football fifa is stunning better then before.


football world cup fifa



There was no official ball then, so both teams were given the ball of their choice in each half. The first half was played with Argentina’s favorite Tiento ball, with Argentina leading 2-1. But Uruguay won the cup 4-2 with their favorite ball T-model in the second half. I urge football nerds to read the following, especially the first and last, for pictures and references. However, mostly every games creating too much excitement in Qatar world cup 2022 with this Al Rihla ball. Therefore, Al Rihla qatar made this football with latest technology.

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