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Ronaldo’s accomplishments : What more do you want from Ronaldo?

ronaldo’s accomplishments : Let me introduce a bitter truth, I am a Cristiano Ronaldo fan since that 2006 World Cup. Ronaldo was Portugal’s “One Man Army” throughout his life. From Manchester United to Real Madrid, England to Spain, he has the largest fan following around the world. Messi has nowhere near the number of followers on social media – stars like Neymar. ronaldo’s accomplishments is something to be proud of.

ronaldo’s accomplishments


We know very well how many nights you have made us happy. Came to Madrid after United won the Champions League, came here and won the Champions League, the Ballon d’Or, everything. Always fought alone in the Portugal team, and there was never a star in the Portugal team to support him. ronaldo’s accomplishments is refers to such a stunning career.


Portugal is bringing the best team in their football history to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Ronaldo’s Portugal has never had so many stars in so many positions together. But by the time he got such a good teammate Cristiano Ronaldo in his team, he himself was at the end of his career, with his performance and attitude falling due to age. Maybe those who don’t like him didn’t even think that Cristiano Ronaldo will miss so much.



 ronaldo's accomplishments



Ronaldo’s departure sounded like a poisonous violin. Maybe you can say goodbye to the team after this World Cup. Everything has an end, Ronaldo will have to give up football one day, and we have to accept this bitter truth from now on. ronaldo’s accomplishments is amazing then any other football players.

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Adults become children when they grow old, behave like children, and make mistakes like children, Ronaldo is also making mistakes like children with age. This is not uncommon at this age. Now we can’t see the speedy, aggressive, scary Ronaldo with him anymore. The sooner we Ronaldo fans accept this fact, the less painful it will be. Don’t expect much from Ronaldo, just enjoy.


What else would you expect from the owner of 800+ goals, 5 Champions Leagues, 5 Ballon d’Ors, 1 Euro Cup, 1 Nations League trophy, 4 Golden Boots, and 60 hat-tricks…?

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