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Virat Kohli the Best Player of India in 2022

Virat Kohli the best player of India in 2022. He is now the Indian National team captain. He is a Right-handed batsman. In 1988 Virat Kohli was born on November 5th. He is a very good-looking player in the world. His playing style, body Fitness, captain experience,  etc are attracted people, especially girls. He has huge fan followers on his social media. His Father’s Name is Prem Kholi and his Mother’s name is Saroj Kohli. Kholi has one brother and one sister also. Virat sister name is Vabna Kholi and his brothet name is Vikash kholi.


Virat Kohli Married Life

Virat Kholi marries a Bollywood famous actress name, Anushka Sharma. They like each other very much. Everyone knows about their relationship. But they maintain their relationship very strictly. Always they show that they are not in a relationship.  But After some years they are decided to marry each other. Virat and Anushka Sharma married on 11th December 2017.


Best Player of India


Many newspapers are writing about Virat and Anushka married news. This marriage is make a huge crowd on social media. Huge fans of Virat and Anushka have congratulated them both. 

Virat and Anushka Sharma have one child. Her name is Vamika Kholi. She is so cute baby. Virat Kholi and Anushka Sharma love her very much. They are taking care of her always.

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Virat Kholi Cricket Life

Everyone knows Virat Kohli for his outstanding cricket-playing skills. For most of the match, he is playing well in his career. He is now the Indian team Captain. MS Dhoni is a successful cricketer besides captaincy. Like as Virat was also very successful in his cricket career besides captaincy. 

Virat Kholi Test Match

Virat has already completed 100 plus tests in his career. His test run is more than 8000 plus. Average his run per match is more than 50. It’s a great achievement in his life. His batting stock is very powerful. Many times he plays in strick longtime.  

Virat Kholi One day Match

Virat has already completed 260 plus one-day matches. His total one-day run is more than 12000 plus. He has the golden player in his Indian cricket career. His batting style is different from the other players. 


Best Player of India


Virat Kholi T20I Match

In addition, Virat Kholi completed an international T20 match of more than 97. His run rate per match is 51 plus and his total T20 run is more than 3200 plus. Always team has expectations of his playing skills. Many players also think of him as an idol young player.

Virat Kholi T20 IPL Match

Virat Kholi plays T20 IPL also. He is playing for the first time as a player in Delhi. After that now he is playing for the Royal Challengers Bangalore. Virat Kholi already has 223 plus IPL matches complete in his career. He has a great run in the IPL.  More than 6600 plus runs have already been completed in the IPL section. Therefore, 5-plus centuries have already completed his career. He has 40 plus half-centuries in the IPL. Kholi already has 570 plus boundaries as 4 runs and more than 200 six boundaries in his IPL career. 

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Virat Kholi Social Follower

Virat Kholi is very popular on Instagram. Around 200M people are following him. His Instagram Id has more than 1300 plus posts. On Twitter, he has 48M plus followers.  

Virat Kholi Net worth and Business

Kholi Net Worth More than 1Million Dollars Salary. That is more than 27 crores of Indian rupees. He has so much extra income. He is now a celebrity also. Huge ads company regularly contacts Virat Kohli. They are providing huge money for the ads.

Kholi has another business also. He has a Chisel Fitness association recently launched in Mumbai. Already a Huge amount of money Virat invested in this  Chisel Fitness association. Virat Kohli also invests in FC Goa Football. He is always working on sports-related work and Business.



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