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Neymar best soccer skilled player in 2022

Neymar is the best soccer skilled player in the world in 2022. Neymar is a Brazilian Football Player. He is now the best player in Brazil. Brazil’s Soccer team is the best team in the world. They are playing very well. Neymar played most of the play like a Brazilian captain. He plays like a Robot. His skills are very different. Neymar plays as a striker. He is a very good player.


Best soccer skilled player


Neymar is a player who loves skills. He has Barcelona 2013-17 play Matches 186 and scored Goals 105. As a Brazilian, he played a number of Matches 107, and a number of Goals 68. Neymar always tries to give the best assists short. He also completes 47 assists which are already completed the goals.


Neymar’s Net Worth in 2022


Neymar’s net worth is approximately 182 million euros. He is a very exclusive player. Neymar has huge demand. Neymar’s salary is 40.8 million GBP. His salary in dollars is 49,763,35. Neymar plays like a Brazilian player and plays for a club. Neymar is the best soccer-skilled player right now.


Neymar’s Club


Neymar plays for many clubs. Today we know about his playing clubs. Neymar plays his best for every club playing. Many times he will be injured in his playing career. But all the clubs are always taking care of his playing career. His first club name is Santos.

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First Neymar’s Club


Neymar Plays football starting club name is Santos FC. This is the Brazilian Football club. He joined this club in 2003. The best soccer skilled player internationally with this club but he was now very young. Most of the time he tries to learn his new playing skill with his mentors. Neymar played for the first time internationally in 2009 against the Oeste Football club. He would play for the last 30 mins in that match. In 2011 he will play in the Copa Libertadores Finals. Neymar was scored six goals in Copa Libertadores Finals. It makes changed his career. 


Neymar Join Barcelona FC Club


In 2013 Neymar join Barcelona Club. After joining Barcelona Club Neymar’s lifestyle was changed. He is the best soccer skilled player but he is not getting the proper place. But Barcelona gives him the proper place. Barcelona gives him huge money and a very good healthy chart for his health. He played well but his health is not good. Barcelona makes his health good. 

After joining The Barcelona Club he would first two-goal on 13 September 2014. On 27 September 2014 Neymar first time doing a hat-trick.  He is playing so well at all. He always shows many soccer skills in his life. A huge Fan Follower is loving Neymar. Neymar always focuses on his career. He would make his improvements day by day.


Neymar Join Paris Saint Germain FC Club


Neymar is always playing as an unpredictable player. Paris Germain FC club is a big club like Barcelona. They are officially getting Neymar on 3 August 2017. They became very happy to buy Neymar. Neymar’s skills are very famous and he makes his improvements day by day. PSG €222 million was spent on getting Neymar from Barcelona

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Neymar Jr ( Number = 10 )

Neymar Jr Birthday ( February 5th, 1992 ), Mogi Das Cruzes

Neymar Jr Nationality ( Brazilian

Neymar Jr Height Weight ( 175 cm / 68 kg )

Neymar Jr Skills Right

Neymar Jr Signed at PSG on August 3rd, 2017


Neymar Playing Career Achievement


2 Times World Cup participant

1 Times FIFA Club World Cup participant as playing Santos FC in 2012

1 Times Champions League winner as playing FC Barcelona

1 Times FIFA Club World Cup winner as playing FC Barcelona in 2015

1 Times Olympics participant as playing Brazil Team

4 Times French champion as playing PSG club

2 Times Spanish champion as playing FC Barcelona

3 Times French cup winner as playing PSG club

3 Times French Super Cup winner as playing PSG club

2 Times French league cup winner as playing PSG club

1 Times Uefa Supercup winner as playing FC Barcelona

1 Times Under-20 South American Championship winner as playing Brazil Team

1 Times Confederations Cup winner as playing Brazil Team in 2013

1 Times Copa América runner-up as playing Brazil Team

1 Times Brazilian cup winner as playing Santos FC in 2010

3 Times Spanish cup winner as playing FC Barcelona

1 Times Spanish Super Cup winner as playing FC Barcelona


best soccer skilled player


Neymar Wife


Neymar is a very stylish player in this world. He is the best soccer skilled player in Brazil. Huge girls are crushing on him. He is also very handsome and good-looking so his fan follower especially girls are huge. Neymar Junior is longtime dating Bruna Marquezine. Bruna Marquezine is Model and actress. But Neymar has not married her at all. But Many Brazilian Newspapers write about the new name of Neymar’s Girlfriend name Mari Tavares. Many Magazines are unofficially saying that she got married to the Brazilian Start Neymar.

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Neymar Sister


Neymar sister’s name is Rafaella Santos. Neymar is the best soccer skilled player in the World. Neymar’s family members are a total of four. His sister is a model. She has 5.5 million followers on Instagram. She is Born in 1996.  Neymar’s Mother’s name is Nadine Santos. his Father’s name is Neymar Santos Sr. He is now a businessman. But Neymar Santos Sr was also a Professional Football player. 

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