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Manvir Singh – Indian Star Football Player in 2022

Manvir Singh is an Indian Football player. His age is 26 years old. Manvir Singh is a Very charming player. He is playing as an Indian professional player. His position is forward. Mostly he plays in Indian Super League. His club name is ATK Mohun Bagan. Manvir is a good-looking player. He tries to play very well. His playing skill is so different. Manvir’s First time is he was joining in Indian Super League on 31 October 2021. He signed with NATK Mohun Bagan. He signed with this team for 3 years. Now he play for the ATK Mohun Bagan.

Manvir Singh plays at a younger time in the Panjab FC. Panjab FC is the new name of this club. Minerva Academy is the first name of this Panjab FC team. Manvir learns football with this Club. Manvir plays many matches with this club.


Manvir Singh – Indian Star Football Player


Manvir Birth Date is 6 November 1995,

Indian Professional Football Player.

Manvir now playing for the ATK Mohun Bagan. His jersey number is 11. He plays for the first club Minerva Academy FC. Secondly, he joins Mohammedan SC Kolkata. In this club, his jersey number is 7. After that, He will play for the Southern Samity club. Southern Club is are discover in Kolkata, West Bengal. After that, Manvir is playing for the FC Goa. FC Goa is a big club in India. In this club, the owner’s name is Goan Football Club Pvt Ltd, Jaydev Mody, Akshay Tandon, and Virat Kohli. 

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Goa FC club is very famous in India. Manvir is playing here as jersey number 9. Manvir Singh is not playing in Goa FC. He lastly plays in the ATK Mohun Bagan FC Club. Here he playing the number 6 or 11. Most of the playing jersey is 11. Now ATK Mohun Bagan FC gives salary for the Manvir Singh. Manvir earns 2.5 Million dollars.


Indian Best Football Player in 2022


Indian Football


Manvir Singh


India wants to develop its football team day by day. Right now they are not playing in the world cup. Indian try to find the best football player for the qualifiers world cup. They are not selected for the Qatar World cup 2022. India make huge research to make huge clubs and playing opportunities. They are making a huge football cup in their own land to find the golden people of the Indian football team. 


Star Football Player


Manvir Singh is also giving the best for Indian football. He is playing in a forwarding position and his speed is very nice. Huge Indian people love his speed. He has also good technic and skill in his playing time. Manvir Singh is significantly famous in India and his playing skill is improving day by day. Many people want to know about him and want to watch his skilled playing. India team is a great opportunity to make difference. Manvir Singh sometime plays as a playmaker. 

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