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Top 2 Best Raleigh Gynecology in North Carolina

Top 2 Best Raleigh Gynecology in North Carolina. Every gynecologist is very important for women. They are always helping for good and perfect health for every woman. A gynecologist always gives good advice for women’s health.

Specially gynecologists need for women, Doctors suggest some knowledge and process. Raleigh is one of the best Cities in North Carolina, US. Here also have many hospitals and the best quality doctors. They are always helping regular people.


Best Raleigh Gynecology List

  • Dr. Lorena

Dr. Lorena is one of the best doctors in North Carolina. She is a very cool mindedly doctor. In South Texas, she is grown up. She has one brother and two sisters. Lorena’s family background is also Medical professionals.

Her father is a doctor also. Lorena’s father and brother is also a gynecologist. Dr. Lorena complete her medical study at Columbia University in New York. After her Medical training completion, in 2006 she joins in Raleigh as a gynecologist. 



General Gynecologic ( all ages women ) 

Birth Control Counseling 


Sexual Health 

Approach for Healthy life leading 

Women Intercourse pain issue

Libido Reduce issue


She can talk the Spanish language very fluently and her husband’s name is Dr. Robert. They have two girls. One is Emma Rose and another is in Charlotte. She is very careful with her body and health. She is a very hard-working person. 

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  • Dr. Kaminski

She is one of the best doctors in the North Carolina area. Kaminski grew up in North Carolina. In 2008, she is starting her journey as a Gynecologist in North Carolina. She is a very talented doctor here. In addition, she has a fellow from the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.


Her specialty and Interest

General Gynecologic ( all ages women ) 

Counseling and General Health


Dr.Kaminski has 2 children. One is jack and another is kate. Her husband’s name is Tom. She is love to spend time with family. 


Gynecologist Near Me

Gynecologic Care and Treatment are very much important for us. They are helping us with different types of issues. Today we discuss the gynecologist care list.


Raleigh Gynecology – Breast Care

Breast care is one of the most important for every woman. They regularly face many diseases to breast issues. When women’s age is increasing they have to chance face many types of diseases in the breast. Breast cancer is one of them. It’s very dangerous for Human beings.


Raleigh Gynecology


Women take self-care about this type of issue when she is pregnant or in menopause. If you do not know what you care about then you meet a doctor. They are suggesting to you, how you care about your breast.


Some Common Symptoms 

Skin irritation 

Unusual swelling 


Nipple Retraction

Pain and discomfort in the breast


If you have these types of symptoms then you must talk to a gynecologist right now. Otherwise, it makes very harmful to your health. 

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What is a Breast Mammogram 

A mammogram is a breast care X-ray that helps people to know your breast conditions right now. Over the 40 age woman needs to mammogram Once a year must. It helps to know your breast condition and how much the chance of breast cancer.


Raleigh Gynecology – STD Testing

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. It must spread with the connectivity of sexual contact. It sometimes spread skin to skin also. STD basically a virus. In this virus, infected people are going as usual in regular life. But sometimes they don’t know that they are infected

This disease is very dangerous because when you know that, you are infected then you need to test yourself and your partner also.


Symptoms like

Red or white bumps or rashes

Liquid filled blisters

Redness your Ineffable body part

Pain and Vomiting 

Sometimes bleeding 


In this case, you need to talk with a specialist or doctor. They suggested some medical treatment and day-by-day development of the position of this disease 


Raleigh Gynecology


Raleigh Gynecology – PAP Testing

Pap testing is one of the Gynecological tests. When women in 21 years old after that they are regularly tested with the help of a doctor. It helps to find out the abnormal tissues in women’s cervix. Every 2-3 years you must test once. It’s mainly testing for under 30 age Ladies. Mainly this testing is finding some viruses like HPV. 


A gynecologist helps you to find the problem you have but you have to initiative. Because if you are not in regular check up your body then sometimes it’s very dangerous for your health. This virus breaks your immune system also. After being affected you will fall into many other diseases also.

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Raleigh Gynecology – Gardasil Vaccination

Most people are affected by HPV in us because they are sexually active but they are not getting Gardasil vaccination. HPV means Human Papillomavirus. 70%-80% of women are affected by this virus.


When women aged 15-16 are getting this vaccination. This vaccination process is that you can need 3 injections within six months. Some of the important things that need to know about this vaccination for regular life are given below.


  • HPV vaccination is important before the start of marriage life or intimacy. 
  • Cervical cancers are one of the most parts of this vaccination.


Raleigh Gynecology – HPV Counseling 

HPV virus is now a common virus that is regularly increasing in the US. More than 80 million people are affected by HPV. Every gynecologist is regularly counseling about this virus to women.

This virus is removed just one condition, every woman needs awareness. When a women try to get this vaccination then society all women and man are feeling safe and sound about this virus. So as a human being every husband and father also carefully handle this kind of issue.


Raleigh Gynecology – Contraceptive Care

Contraceptive care is very much important for every woman. Every husband needs to care about it. Every time needs to be aware of birth control for women’s good health. Women need some safety and effective care from their husbands. Sometimes, people are using security also.


Raleigh Gynecology


Contraceptive Care Type List

  1. Long Acting Reversible Contraception (LARC)
  2. Implant and Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
  3. Combination of Birth Control pills
  4. Male Condom
  5. Female Condom
  6. Diaphragm
  7. Sponge
  8. Spermicides


Permanent Methods Of Birth Control

  1. Female Sterilization (Tubal ligation or  Tying Tubes)
  2. Male Sterilization (Vasectomy)

So if you are searching for the best Raleigh Gynecology Doctors then you need to contact them. Below will give the contact details.

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