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Candy Crush A Sweet Saga of Puzzles and Confections

Candy Crush: The Addictive Puzzle Game Taking Over Our Lives

Candy Crush is one of the most popular puzzle games in the world. Over a billion people downloaded it since it has released in 2012. The game is a match-three puzzle game. Therefore, in this game, players have to match candies of the same color, by doing this Challengers progress through levels.

This game is easy to play but very enjoyable. However, it is also an addictive game. Players start playing by swiping candies. In this game, players have to create matches of three or more candies of the same color. When a match is made, the candies disappear. And then new ones fall onto the board from above. The objective of the game is to complete each level’s goal. It can range from clearing a certain number of candies to achieving a high score.

What Makes Candy Crush So Addictive?

Candy Crush’s addictive nature can be attributed to several factors. The game is very colorful. It also has an attractive design. The magnificent design of this game draws the attention of all kinds of people. The bright colors and playful animations are designed to be eye-catching and appealing. It is hard to resist clicking the download button.

This game is very attractive. The reward of the game is a major factor of addictiveness. When a player completes a level, they are rewarded with a message of congratulations. In addition to it,  a sound effect creates a sense of accomplishment. This positive reinforcement encourages players to continue playing.  A powerful motivator is the desire to earn more rewards and move up to higher levels.

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The social element is also a big reason for the addictiveness of this game. Players can connect to the game by using their Facebook accounts. Also, they can compete with friends and compare scores. And in this way, they progress through the game. The social aspects add a spirit of competition among the players. It makes players feel like they are part of something bigger.



Candy crush



The Psychological Effects of Playing Candy Crush

Candy Crush is an enjoyable and delightful game.  However, it is essential to understand the potential psychological effects of playing it for long periods. The most worrying factor of this game is addiction. Various surveys have also been done by scientists. Those surveys show that addiction to any game can have similar effects on the brain as drug addiction. Therefore, it also can change brain structure and function. It brings changes in mood and behavior also.

Playing Candy Crush for long periods can also lead to increased stress and anxiety levels. The game has a constant stimulation and reward system. It can create a cycle of anticipation and disappointment among the players. This can lead to feelings of frustration and stress.

Another potential psychological effect of playing Candy Crush is its impact on productivity. The game is so addictive. Like other addictions, many players find themselves playing it for hours on end. They even neglect other responsibilities such as work, school, or social obligations.

Tips for Managing Candy Crush Addiction

Candy Crush can be very addictive. You can find yourself addicted too. Control your addiction is really hard. But there are a few tips which you can try. Here are some tips for you:

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Set Limits: One can set a time limit. It will help him/her to count how long he/she will play each day. Though it is hard, he/she must stick to it. This will help him/her to control playing time. It will also prevent him/her from neglecting other responsibilities.


Take Breaks: One should take short breaks from playing. This will give his/her brain a chance to rest and recharge. It will also help him/her to avoid burnout and prevent slackness.

Turn Off Notifications: One should always turn off the notifications for the game. It will prevent him/her from distractions. And it will also help him/her to keep his/her focus on other things.

Find Alternative Activities: One can find other activities to replace the time that he/she spends playing Candy Crush. One can spend his/her time on hobbies or spend time with friends and family. By taking up exercise or other physical activities, one can spend his/her time too.

Seek Professional Help: If you find it hard to control your addiction, you can seek professional help. A counselor or therapist can help you in this matter. They will help you to develop coping strategies. It can address any underlying psychological issues that may be contributing to your addiction.


Candy Crush is an amazing game. But at the same time, it is addictive too. But as we know, all things have a good and bad side. We always choose the good side and refrain from the bad side. It is a game that is played by all kinds of people of all ages. 

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