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Germany banned One plus & oppo for stealing Nokia 5G patent concept

Germany banned One plus & oppo for stealing Nokia’s 5G patent. Therefore, it is very bad work One plus and Oppo. However, both one plus and oppo mobile phones are worldwide brands. So, this might not be acceptable to both brands because of they are world wide most famous brand.


Germany banned One plus & oppo


Oppo is the main brand and One plus is Its sub-brand. A few years ago Oppo officially announced that One plus is a sub-brand of the Oppo brand. Most people love oppo mobile phone for the looking and phone performance. Mostly oppo mobile phone doing best in camera section.



Germany banned One plus & oppo



People love the oppo mobile phone for the camera performance and good battery backup. Therefore, oppo uses Oxygen OS on their phone this is oppo’s operating system. Therefore, Oppo success in using this Oxygen operating system and it really doing well performed in phone.


In other words sub-brand, One plus is performing unbeatable to any budget phone. But therefore, now a day one plus phone review is too bad for the user. They do not provide the actual one plus using feelings. So that, one plus user reviewing bad day by day.


After all, the happens, one plus and oppo stealing the 5G Nokia patent incept. So that, this news growing up to the big stage in a few days. Therefore, after that Nokia action against Oppo and One plus. So nokia case for the stealing 5G patent concept of Nokia against oppo and one plus.

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Germany banned One plus & oppo


Best mobile phone brand 22



Nowadays people using most of the time mobile phone and it is now needs people for daily life. Therefore, people can’t be waiting for a single moment without a cell phone or mobile phone. However, everyone wants to search for the best mobile brand. Therefore, now many mobile phones are available and now there are many companies are manufacturing the mobile phone. So, there is huge competition in the mobile phone market and it will never end. However, some mobile phone brands listed are-


I phone



One plus
















Germany banned One plus & oppo



5G patent

5G patent is a wonderful concept for everyone and it will be changing much in technology. The Chinese company Huawei is leading for the 5 G concept or patent. Huawei has ownership of more than 5600 5G patents. So, they want to lead this 5 G patent. But American company Qual comm has also a 5G patent and Qual comm has ownership of more than 4311 5G patents.



One plus 2022



Therefore, One plus is generally a sub-brand of oppo and it performed better than oppo in the tech marketplace. One plus falls down after one plus CEO resigned from one plus. Therefore, one plus CEO was the best CEO ever and he was Korean. Now he launched his own company (Nothing). So that, one plus couldn’t be maintaining their past performance to the user.


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Oppo 2022



Therefore, oppo is a worldwide brand and it is very famous as a mobile brand. Last few years oppo couldn’t do well in the phone marketplace they launched well and styling phones in the market. But people buy other phones at the same price because of the phone performance, gaming performance, and processor performance. The main reason for the Oppo phone falling down is the performance of the phone.


Nokia 5G patent


Therefore, Nokia 5G patent will be the very stunning concept for the Nokia user and Nokia phone lovers. According to the 5G concept first largest 5G patent was started by Huawei company. Then the Qual comm is the second largest position about the 5G patent and it is huge tough to competition with this 2 companies.


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