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Top 5 Bangladeshi online games – Tips and Tricks

Top 5 Bangladeshi online games industry is growing swiftly. Android games are now have more domestic game creators. Most of the games are created specifically for that nation. Today we discuss the top 5 online games in Bangladesh that are gaining popularity among local gamers.


Top 5 Bangladeshi online games

Heroes of 71

Heroes of 71 was developed by Portbliss Games. This game makes is in Dhaka, Bangladeshi people. Heroes of 71 games are allowed to take on the role of a freedom fighters. In addition, its a representation of the 1971 Bangladesh Liberation War. The game, which has grown to be among the most well-liked ones in Bangladesh history, offers realism graphics, fascinating gameplay, and an intriguing plot. This is one of top 5 Bangladeshi online games.


Brain Boss

Brain Boss is a game which is developed by TapStar Interactive. Tapstar is a mobile game development company situated in Dhaka. This game has many challenging questions about various categories. Categories are like science, sports, and history. Players can compete against each other to see who can answer the most questions correctly. There is a leaderboard. Whoever could give the highest correct answers will go up in the leaderboard. People love these top 5 Bangladeshi online games.


Heroes of 71Portbliss Games
Brain BossWe Interactive Bangladesh
Doi BhaiTapStar Interactive Inc.
Rise of ConflictRise Up Labs
Rats and SpearsEpic LLama
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Doi Bhai

Doi Bhai is an interesting and addictive game. This game is developed by It is a Bangladeshi game development studio. The game is based on a fictional town in Bangladesh. This game lets players control two brothers who own a yogurt shop. Players must make and deliver yogurt to their customers while avoiding obstacles and challenges along the way. Most people play regular top 5 Bangladeshi online games.



Rise of Conflict

Rise of Conflict is a very strategic game. This game is developed by Dark Star Games. It is a game development studio situated in Dhaka. This game lets players build their own base and army. After that the battle against other players in real-time. This game has stunning graphics and gameplay. It is one of the most popular strategic games in Bangladesh.


Top 5 Bangladeshi online games


Rats and Spears

Rats and Spears is a mobile game. It is developed by 141 Games. It is a game development company based in Dhaka. The game has a cute rat who must jump and avoid obstacles to collect spears. Players must use their skills to guide the rat through various levels. And then collect as many spears as possible while avoiding obstacles.


In conclusion, these are the top 5 Bangladeshi online games that are gaining popularity. From historical games like Heroes of 71 to strategy games like Rise of Conflict, these games offer something for everyone. As the Bangladeshi gaming industry continues to grow, we can expect to see even more exciting games from local game developers.

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