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The Most Popular Computer Games for Free

The most popular computer games are many lists you have ever seen. But specifically, if you say which games are most popular for the computer then the games are- Rocket legend, Overwatch, Player unknown battleground (PUBG), Red Dead Redemption (2018), Call of duty, Merval spider man game of the year edition, Valor and, Call of Duty- warzone, Forza Horizon 5, Multiverses.


Rocket legend(2015)

Rocket legend is a wonderful game for the computer. Most gamers really love to play this game. By the way, Rocket legend was launched in 2015. However, this time Rocket Legends create a great hip for computer gamers. At that time everyone wants to play this game for its graphics and gaming quality.



Overwatch is also a stunning game for computer users. However, Overwatch is a multiplayer game and Overwatch gaming graphics are wonderful. Therefore, Overwatch was launched in 2016. This game is designed as two and a half moods in a career. However, that time in 2016 Overwatch game was brought by 40+ million people and this was a huge number in that time 2016.


Player unknown battleground (PUBG) (2017)

Player unknown battleground (PUBG) is the most popular video game for the computer. Therefore, Player unknown battleground (PUBG) is the height popular game in the world. Most people are playing this game for entertainment. However, this game’s graphics are totally shit. Character design, map design, and movement all are the best performed in the game.

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The most popular computer games



Red Dead Redemption (2018)

Red Dead Redemption is launching in 2018 and it was popular in a short time. However, Red Dead Redemption is an online game. People are feeling very nice when they play Red dead Redemption. But Red Dead Redemption is not hiped than the Player unknown battleground. But these games are liked by computer game lovers.


Call of duty

Call of duty is a very popular game and it was launched in 2018. Still, Call of duty is a favorite game for lover people. Therefore, Call of duty is an online multiplayer game. This game concept is like Player unknown battleground games but the call of duty is less popular than Player unknown battleground. But in 2018 this game create a great hiped.


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In 2018 also another game created a great hiped. Therefore that game name is Apex legend. We also provide the Apex legend mobile game or Apex legend Pc games with all the details on our website AllBdToday. So if you want to play Apex legend then you can visit our previous post. For your kind information, we link the post on this post for you to find easily.


Marvel spider man game of the year edition (2019)

The Marvel spider man game of the year edition is related to Marvel. Actually, the Merval spider man game of the year edition game is created by Marvel. So they are including every marvel character in this game. Therefore, most people are Marvel fans so they are very excited about the game when it was launched. In 2019 this game is created a great hiped for the game and graphics designed.

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The most popular computer games



Valorand, Call of Duty- warzone (2020)

Valorand is a highly graphic computer game. If you have a normal Pc or normal configuration computer then you can not play this game. Therefore, Valor was an adventure types game, and it creat a great controversy among gamers. Valorand is one of the best graphics games for the computer. Most people love Valorand for its stunning graphics.


Call of Duty- warzone

Call of Duty- warzone is also a great pc game and it was launched in the same year in 2020. But Call of Duty- warzone was not much popular as the Valorand. However, Call of Duty- warzone is also a multiplayer game and it is like PUBG games. But people love to play Call of Duty- warzone. It was great less hiped than the Valorand.


Forza Horizon 5 (2021)

Forza Horizon 5 is a very much popular pc game most gamers love Forza Horizon 5 and it is the most popular computer game. This Forza Horizon 5 launched in the previous year 2021. In 2021 Forza Horizon 5 create very much popularity. I personally recommended you play this game if you are not playing before this Forza Horizon 5 game.


The Most Popular Computer Games2022
Forza Horizon 52021
Valorand, Call of Duty- warzone2020
Merval spider man game of the year edition2019
Call of duty, Red Dead Redemption2018
Player unknown battleground (PUBG)2017
Rocket legend2015


Multiversus (2022)

Multiverse is a game like the Marvel series. Actually, these Multiversus games were created based on the Marvel series. If you are a Marvel fan then this game will love you if you are playing. Therefore, Multiversus games are loved by all gamers. Multiverse games were great hiped in this year 2022. If you say the most popular computer games in the world then Multiversus is one of them.

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