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Ahsan Manzil | Ahsan Manzil ticket 2023 | Off Day

Ahsan Manzil is one of the most visited historical places in Bangladesh. It is very famous for its great architectural structure. It was named Rangamahal the previous time. Ahsan Manzil was the residensial palace of nawab of Dhaka. Now, It has become a museum. Ahsan Manzil is 750m away from Jagannath University. Not only the people of Bangladesh but also foreign visitors are impressed by the beauty of Ahsan Manzil.


Ahsan Manzil ticket


Ahsan Manzil is a two-storied building. It is famous for its beautiful structure. Both the floor of it has become museums. On the first floor, by going to the first room you will see a Baghabandhu corner, and also in the first room, there is a patrolman made out of iron. In the next room, there is some history that how it builds.

Actually, today’s Ahsan Manzil is the new version. It was not the same as its builds. It’s had been renovated. So, this story has also been restored. One can see the Ahsan Manzil made out of silver inside a glass there.


Ahsan Manzil Museum


This is one of the most beautiful things I have experienced. Also, there are so many plates, glasses, and spoons that are used by the nawabs of Bengal. On the second floor, there is one room that is closed by the glass which is the dining room.

There is an enormous dining table and the dining table was as beautifully decorated as it has been used now also. This credit goes to the curator

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Ahsan Manzil Opening hour

Ahsan manzil is crowded by every day almost. So, many people are visiting this place every day. There is a Schedule for its opening. Not every day it opens nor is every day’s schedule the same.


  • Monday: It open’s at 10:30 am and closed by 5:30 pm.
  • Tuesday: It open’s at 10:30 am and closed by 5:30 pm.
  • Wednesday: It open’s at 10:30 am and closed by 5:30 pm.
  • Thursday: Closed.
  • Friday: It open’s at 3:00 pm and closed by 8:00 pm.
  • Saturday: It open’s at 10:30 am and closed by 5:30 pm.
  • Sunday: It open’s at 10:30 am and closed by 5:30 pm.


Ahsan Manzil ticket


To get into the Ahsan Manzil there require a ticket. This ticket can be booked both online and offline. Before entering the museum one needs to check their ticket and also entering the room visitors need to show their tickets to the guard.


Ahsan Manzil Museum


The price of the offline ticket is only 40.0 BDT and the online ticket is only 45.0 BDT. The price is very low. However, this place is quite crowded all most all the time. Mostly,  Friday is the day that can be said that is most crowded as this is the holiday in the country.

So, the offline ticket counter is very crowded on Friday. Sometimes, the line is so long that after standing in the line to get a ticket, tourist can not at their peace of mind. so, in this digital time, online ticket purchasing is much more easier.

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Ahsan Manzil Off Day


Ahsan manjil is a place of history of Bangla Nawab. It represents the memory of the lifestyle and the culture that belong to the Bengali people. In previous history, there are so many nawabs and predators who ruled this place.

And this place is one of the memories of that rulers. Ahsan Manzil belongs to the history, culture, and lifestyle that used to be the ruler. Any visitor will learn many things about the culture of Bengali nawab through a visit to this place.

So, all tourists should visit this beautiful place in Bangladesh at least once. Therefore, the price for a visit to this place is very cheap. No one should miss this opportunity to visit this place once. 

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