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2023 Google: Google job is now an easy way to get

Google job is now an easy way to get. How to get a Google job easily To get a Google job you can’t skimp on your skills. Today’s blog is about such a job story:


I gave a gap for a year without getting a chance in public, I went into depression because I didn’t get a chance anywhere. Then I got admission to CSE only thinking that even if I sit on PC Day and night watching games/movies, mom and dad will think I am studying. At the time of admission, someone said “No A+ in Physics Maths, what can you do in CSE?”


Google job is now an easy way to get


I didn’t know what job in Google. In the first semester, a sir brought a friend of his who got a job offer at Google from Saast. I learned from him that getting a job at Google is a big deal. But that was until the knowledge, nothing more. Different sir ma’am said to learn to code, but what everyone hears?


The first year started to go, like everyone else, I got the idea that I am studying in a private school, just wasting money, what will I do in life? Year-end CSE Programming Competition (CSE Carnival) Going as a team for the first time. The big story behind it, big thanks to a mam.


Then begins the life of problem-solving, competitive programming competition! Aha! Help from various sirs, their friends, elder sisters, friends, teammates, and friends from other universities. I have never felt shy to ask anyone for help. My varsity juniors also taught me many topics, even before an interview I called a nearby junior and asked him to explain a topic.

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By God’s grace, I got my first job before the end of graduation due to having fairly good problem-solving skills, algorithms, and data structure knowledge. Even if you want a job at Google or another big tech giant, you don’t apply properly due to a lack of confidence. However, I have studied a lot by bringing the book Cracking The Coding Interview from a younger sister.

However, I started taking Google-specific preparation in September 2021. Before that, I cleared all the basic topics, and since I was from a competitive background, I didn’t have to struggle much. Known people who are working in big places have given a lot of suggestions and help. And without the motivation and help of some friends, I would not have had the courage.

Then the story is very short! The older brother referred a CV. Recruiter mailed on 18th November. I felt that if I was under work pressure, the preparation would not be taken properly, I left my previous job in November with many risks to take the preparation in peace! On December 6th, I gave the first round to Google. The next day I told them when I want to face the final round. After taking some time, I decided to give it in February first, but later I scheduled it on January 20 and 21.


After spending the longest ten days of my life with a total of 5 interviews in two days, the 31st came. Google’s recruiter called at noon, and said “You totally Smashed the Interviews! We are offering you the job now, are you willing to join Google, Dublin?”


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Google job is now an easy way to get



My wife started jumping next to me, and while I was on the phone, I ran and told my father and mother. Dad and mom started crying in the next room. These few people – my brother, sister, wife, father, and mother, have sacrificed for me for so long, it is not worth telling. Some are laughing, some are crying, I didn’t know what to do! I felt that I needed this achievement for the happiness of these people.


My gratitude to relatives, close friends, juniors, seniors, teachers, and all who have helped/encouraged me, and believed in me at various times. There are many, many people who have contributed to my coming this far. The most reassuring thing is that there are many people close to me who think that this achievement is theirs it is!


So the details are-


Nafiul Adnan Chowdhury

Sylhet Metropolitan University

Position: Software Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer

Company: Google

Location: Dublin, Ireland

Start Date: June/July 2022

Google job is now an easy way to get if you are sincere. Therefore if you read the full story then you can definitely get your information on what you should do now to find the Google job easily.

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