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What’s 1080p Resolution Size is Better

What’s 1080p Resolution Size

1080p resolution means having an image of 1920px horizontally and 1080px vertically. By multiplying this we can find the total pixel of an image. So, a 1080p picture has more than 2 million (approximately 20,73,600px) pixels.

The picture aspect ratio of a 1080p picture is 16:9. 1080 resolution picture known as Full HD. 1080p resolution picture is preferable to any 720px picture. But at the same time, it is not preferable when it comes to any 2K or 4K videos. A 1080p has 20 times as many pixels as a 240p.

This resolution is a very critical and clear image and video shown. Many people do not know the reason how to show a picture or video. Every Picture and Video makes with a resolution. Sometimes it’s called Low resolution and sometimes it’s called high resolution. When the resolution is below 480 progressive scans then it’s the low resolution at this time.

What’s 1080p Resolution


At this time people want to cristal and clear quality for the very visual things. So people want to watch videos or capture images at least High quality. That means HD quality. HD quality is very much important but it starts from 720 pixels.


Whats 1080p Resolution


1080p Resolution is Full HD quality. People are very loving of this quality. In this quality maintain two million pixels are working in a single image or Video. So 1080p Resolution is a very nice quality maintenance for the experience.

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Resolution is the number of pixels that an image is made up of. A 1080p Resolution creates a total of two million seventy-three thousand six hundred pixels which equals roughly two megapixels. It is not that much in comparison to photography standards where it is not uncommon to find 20-plus megapixels. But it can be said that 1080p is plenty for videos.

Most videos that are uploaded on Youtube are 1080p Resolution. The film world also uses 1080p. Most video cameras still use 1080p and blu-rays are 1080p  as well. But there is a bigger resolution that is coming along to threaten 1080p dominance and that is HD or 4k.

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