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Richarlison The Best Player in Brazil || FIFA 2022

Richarlison is a Brazilian professional footballer. His full name is Richarlison de Andrade but mostly called Richarlison. He plays in the national team of Brazil as a forward. He is currently playing in the club Tottenham Hotspur F.C as a forward player. His jersey number on the national team is seven and his jersey number in the club is nine. His height is 1.84 meters.


Richarlison Early life:

Richarlison was born on 10th May 1997 in Nova Venecia, Espirito Santo, Brazil. He spent his childhood in Nova Venecia. Now he is just 25 years old. They are five children of their parents and Richarlison is the eldest one. He spent his childhood in poverty. Richarlison’s father Antonio Carlos Andrade who just a day laborer.

His mother, Vera Lucia was an ice cream seller. His father didn’t have the ability to buy a new football for Richarlison. So his father made his old shoes into football twisted by an old cloth. From that time, Richarlison had a latent desire to become a footballer. He didn’t go on the wrong path even though he had an impoverished lifestyle.


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At that time, there was a lot of drug use. Many of his friends got involved in drug use. But Richarlison was different. He never went down that path. Nothing could apart him from his goal. Of poverty, he had to sell ice cream.

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Richarlison Club Career:

For his hard-working, perseverance, and self-motivation, he was called to a small club in Brazil in 2013. From that place, he got the stair of his dreams. With his talent and hard work, he continued to cross the stairs one by one. In the 2013-14 season, Richarlison entered into the football world by playing for the Brazilian club  Real Noroeste in the youth league.

After that, by playing in the America Mineiro youth league, he developed himself. In 2015, he made the debut of his professional football career with the same club, America Mineiro. He made a great journey in America Mineiro.


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Then he joined Fluminense on 29th December 2015 and signed a five-year contract. In Campeonato Carioca, he made 8 goals in just twelve matches. He took part in the 2017 Copa Sudamericana which was his first continental competition.

Richarlison moved to the English club Watford on 8th August 2017 and here also he signed a five-year contract for an 11.2 million euro transfer fee. Less than a year later, he transferred to another club. He goes for another English Premier League Club Everton on 24th July. His transferred fee here was 35 million euros, which rises to 50 million euros.

Here, he met his former Watford manager Marco Silva. He developed a lot during this time. He made his journey more powerful here. After that, on 1st July 2022, he made a new contract (probably five years) with Tottenham Hotspur. His transfer fee to come to Tottenham was more than 50 million euros. Currently, he has been playing in Tottenham.

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Richarlison International Career:

At first, Richarlison got selected for Brazil’s under-20 squad in the 2017 South American U-20 Championship. He made there eight appearances and got two goals. He got his first call for the Senior team on 27th August 2018 for a friendly match against the United States and El Salvador. In 2019, he got a chance to play in 2019 Copa America.




In that match, in the second half, he substitute Firmino and scored the last goal. In that match, Brazil got the Copa America title. After that, Richarlison did not have to see back in his career. He is shining day by day. In the 2020 summer Olympics, he scored a hat trick. He was the top scorer in that Olympics.

Now in the 2022 world cup, he made some terrific goals. In the first match of Brazil in the 2022 World Cup against Serbia, he scored an outstanding Bicycle kick. In Group sixteen game, he again scored a spectacular goal. Many more to see, we know.


Richarlison is a great footballer. In just a few days, he attracted so many football lovers’ eyes. He is been shining day by day. From just an ice cream seller and a part-time job holder, he got into the world cup football. There are many things to learn from his life. There are many more to see from him in the future.

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