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Rajshahi University’s Beauty – Beautiful Rajshahi 2022

Rajshahi University’s Beauty is so wonderful. Therefore,  Rajshahi University is one of the biggest Universities in Bangladesh. It is generally situated in Rajshahi, Bangladesh. Today we are talking about Rajshahi University. In this blog, I try to write a full blog about Rajshahi University. Similarly, in Bangladesh all public universities are beautiful. For instance, today’s topic is Rajshahi university.

Rajshahi University’s Beauty

Rajshahi University's Beauty

About Rajshahi University

However, we all know that Golam Sabbir Sattar is the VC of Rajshahi University. Moreover, Rajshahi University was made 68 years ago. Therefore, it is established on 6 July 1953. In conclusion, here is academic stuff 1800+. In other words, Administrative stuff 2258+. Above all, there are studying students around 38k+. Mostly, in undergraduate students number is 15k. After that, postgraduate students number is 9k +. Similarly, Doctoral students number is 2k+.

Rajshahi University Admission

For instance, every year Rajshahi University arranged an admission program for Undergraduate students. Above all, this exam is creat a lot of competition for the students. However, every year, around 45k + students attend the admission program. Moreover, there are not so many seats. For instance,  a few seats in this varsity.

Rajshahi University All Faculty

Rajshahi University's Beauty

Most importantly, Rajshahi University has many faculty. Above all, every year lots of students are admitted to this faculty and try to make /her dream success. However, now I tell all the faculties name list. Therefore, here are academic faculties 12. Above all, Academic Department 59. In other words, Affiliated Instituted 6. however, Affiliated College 19.

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Rajshahi University Subjects

In this paragraph, we are talking about all subjects. Therefore, there are many faculty. After that, we tell you one by one. However, here is 3 unit. Firstly, A Unit for Arts Student. Secondly, B Unit for Business Studies Student. Thirdly, C Unit for Science Student. In addition, students are doing a great fight every year. However, every year exam is held in time. After that, there is a problem with Corona. Most importantly, this is a huge problem for everyone. For instance, last year’s exam was not held on time. similarly, this year have also the same problem. Above all, I think this year’s exam will be held in time.

Rajshahi University Unit A Subject list

Islamic history and culture
Islamic Studies
Parisian language and literature
Law and land administration
Political Science
Social science
Mass communication and journalism
Information science and library management
Public administration
International Relation
Painting oriantal art amd painting

Graphic Design craft & history of arts
Education and Research Institute

Pottery & sculpture

Rajshahi University Unit B Subject list

Account and information system
Management studies


Banking and insurance
Tourism and hospitality management
Buisness Administration

Rajshahi University Unit C Subject list

Bio-Chemistry and Molecular Biology
Population Science and Human Resource Development
Applied Mathematics
Physical Education and sports Science

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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Medical phycology
Agronomy and agriculture extension
Crop science and technology
Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
Computer Science And Engineering
Material Science And Engineering
Electrical And Electronic Engineering
Geography and Ecology
Geology And Mining
Veterinary And Animal Science

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Therefore, Rajshahi is the cleanest city in Bangladesh and Rajshahi University’s Beauty is wondeful. However, people are always enjoying here for the green city and good air circulation in Rajshahi University’s Beauty. One of the best beauty in this Rajshahi is Rajshahi University’s Beauty. Therefore, Rajshahi University is one of the best and most stunning universities in Bangladesh. Rajshahi University’s Beauty creat ing Students are amazed to the Rajshahi university’s beauty. In most of the Rajshahi district, all students Dream University is that Rajshahi University. I recommended you to study at Rajshahi University for your dream life and enjoy Rajshahi University’s Beauty.

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