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Rishabh Pant Top Indian Keeper and Batsman 2022

Rishabh Pant Top Indian Keeper and Batsman. Rishabh Pant is an Indian Cricket player. He is play for the Indian team and IPL Delhi Team. Rishabh mainly plays as a wickets Keeper. He is a captain of the Delhi team in IPL Cricket. Most of the time he is playing in the middle order in the batting section. In previous Dhoni play as a wickets keeper in the Indian team.


Indian Keeper and Batsman

But day by day Rishabh is ready for the position of Dhoni. Rishabh Pant is playing as a left-handed batsman and right-arm bowling. Bowling role he has not to play always. Mainly he plays as Wickets keeper and Batsman.


Rishabh Pant Debut

Rishabh Pant’s debut match in 2017. He play a T20I match in 2017 with England. He play a One-day international in 2018 Against the West Indies. 2018 first start test debut match Rishabh Pant. He is a good face on the Indian cricket team. Huge people love him very much. His career is day by day increased.


Rishabh Pant Test Match

Rishabh’s total test match completed 30 matches. In the test match, his run is around 2000. He has 4 centuries complete in his test career. Around 9 plus half-century complete in his test career.

It’s a great achievement in his life. Rishabh’s Stick rate is good. More than 70 plus score strike rate recent in his career.  His test match’s highest run is 159 runs in a single match.

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Rishabh Pant One-day Match

Rishabh Pant has already completed 24 number one-day series. It is a small number of matches. But his one-day run is not very high. 700 plus run he carries now in one day. In one day match, his average run rate is 30 plus and his strike rate is 100 plus. It’s a good number run strike rate. Rishabh Pant’s highest run score was 85 in one single match.

He has no century run from now in someday. But he has 4 half-centuries taken in a one-day of Career. He has already completed 70 plus 4 runs in his one-day career and 24 plus 6 runs in his one-day career. 


Rishabh T20I Match

In T20I Rishabh Pant complete 44 matches already. His total run in T20I is 700 plus and his run rate per match is 24 plus. In T20I his strike is so good. Around 130 strike rate is already gained in his career.  He is a very talented player.

His best T20I run is 67 in one match. He has no century but has many half-centuries. His T20I career total 4 is more than 50 plus and 30 plus six in his T20I career. 


Rishabh Pant T20 IPL

Rishabh Pant plays in IPL also. He is playing for the Delli Team. Already he has 98 matches complete in his Indian Premier League. His run rate is also very good 30 plus. In IPL total run is 2800 plus.  Rishabh has a big high score in IPL.  His High score is 128 runs. It’s a very big number in the IPL T20 match.

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all bd today

All bd Today

Rishabh has one century and 15 half-centuries already complete in his life. He has 250 plus four-run boundaries and 130 plus six-run boundaries. It’s a great achievement. 


Rishabh Family Life

Rishabh Pant was born in Uttarakhand, India. His father’s name is Rajendra Pant and his mother’s name is Saroj Pant. Rishabh has one sister. His sister’s name is Sakshi Pant.  She is very famous on social media. As an Indian cricketer, Rishabh Plays well as well as his performance. 

The Indian team expects him better. Rishabh’s salary is very nice. Huge money is coming from the IPL section.  As a Wicket Keeper and batsman, his demand is very high in Indian Premier Ligue. 


Rishabh Married Life

Rishabh is not married. He is now leading a single life.  But many people say, he has a girlfriend. Her name is Isha Negi. She is a very cute and beautiful lady. She works as an Interior Decor Designer. A most famous lady in India. 


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