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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 is a very sensitive and very famous game in the world. Many people are like this Red Dead Redemption 2 Video game. This is a PC game. In this need a Laptop or PC that has a mid-range configuration minimum. If you have the best configuration on your PC then you must feel a good experience with this game’s graphical interference. This game has very good graphics. A gamer like this type of game. This game is an action type of game. Here have many types of adventure also.


This game has much reality. If you want to eat anything then you must need to cook it in this game. If you eat many more then you will fat day by day. So you must it in this game but plz not more it.  When you are hungry then you will eat. It helps you to fight. If you are not cutting your hair, then your hair increases day by day as a human. You must fight anyone. You can anybody but if you are getting any case then you must run away from the police. Police also fire anybody but they are firing on the bad people. This game area is very big.


RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 games have many riding vehicles and horses also. You can ride to using anything. When you fire anyone then it shows like real blood. IN RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 you care about your horse must.

Because your horse is lost then you are not finding another horse easily. It’s very tafh for you. After losing your horse if you find another one then you must make a friend with the horse then you will use him.

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This is an adventure game. In this game, you need more playing time. If you love horse riding and you love to fight with the enemies then must you try it. In this game, you need to follow some tricks. When you search for enemies or bears you must make some trap. When you play this game and search for the bear enemies then you should meat or fishing pool for the enemy’s trap. 



RED DEAD REDEMPTION 1 is not very popular but when you want to play RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 then you need to play first the series one.  RED DEAD REDEMPTION is not had very good graphics that why people are want to always the RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 version.  But When you play the series one mission and after you play the series 2 then you must feel very good in this game.  




RED DEAD REDEMPTION  game has a huge mission to play. When you start a mission then you must try to complete the mission. Sometimes you need to fight with the police. But be careful, if you fight the police then you have to chance dead. In the mission, you will talk with many people. They are sometimes friend and works as a  team but sometimes you play opposite team. If you have any sniper rifles or sniper M24, M25, M39 Enhanced, Mk 13, etc are the gun in this game use them.

RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 mainly all the time people like to play one bear mission.  You are playing this game, the weather changes automatically.  In this game, day after night should be like our real life.  In this game’s mission, sometimes need a big horse then you must buy and sell your horse. If you want to sell your horse or exchange your horse you can do it. Many markets are here. People are selling their horses and they are exchanging also there.   

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