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HE ELDER SCROLLS V  is the most famous game in this world. It’s a Chiemetic game. People love this game’s graphics.  Huge quality is controlled in this game. Mainly in this game enemies are fixed. Here animals mean the Last dragon. 

Here your family has many dragons. They are always attacking you. This game has some special characters. They have different characters and power. But the main character’s name is SKYRIM. He has huge power in this game. The most player or gamers like this character. 


The Elder Scrolls V is an action Cinematic game. Here the main character’s name is Skyrim. Others many characters have this game. In this game, Aela The Huntress, Jarl Balgruuf the Greater, Arngeir, Adventurer, Ancano, Followers, Argis the Bulwark, and Affable Gent are the main character of this game.

They are fighting in this game together. The enemy Dragon is the boss in this game. He has huge power. Always he throughout his fire. Dragon burns all the houses or people in this game.

You can not live without killing the Fighter dragon.  In these games, heroes are playing together. They are always saving the people. When dragons attack, they also attack the dragon activists.  But they do not win always Against The dragon. 

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The last dragon is very powerful. He has also a team. They are attacking at the same time together. When many dragons are attacking together the Heroes are also confused about how to fight with them. That’s why heroes fight with their enemies together. Jarl Balgruuf the Greater has the power that he can search for the dragon and where are they staying.

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Top PC Game 2022

Aela the Huntress is also a very special character in this game. His Archer is very famous in this game.  Arngeir is the most important character in this game.  He is the power to learn the voice of this game. He makes the intermediate relation between the Heros and the Enemies. 


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