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Best Cricket Bat Size using Internationally

Cricket Bat Size is Very Important for the cricketers. Today we know about the cricket bats. Usually, Cricket bat using for playing cricket. It makes in the woods.


Cricket Bat History

Maximum bats are using normal wood but the international player’s bats are making mostly willow woods. It’s a best-quality bat. This wood is mainly produced in Kashmir and England. Kashmir Wood is the best quality in this world.

If you are using this wood for making a bat then you must make a good bat for the cricketers. Every cricketer wants the best quality bat for his playing. It needs accurate wood, bat size, bat dimension, and length, and the Edges need to be perfect. 

Cricket Bat Size

Cricket Bat Size mainly length is 38 inches. If you calculate it in centimeters then the bat length is 96.52 cm. Cricket bat size has thickness size also.

If you need a perfect bat then must need a good Edge of the bat. Most of the bat’s edges are not perfect that why players are not playing accurately.

Every Bat has needed 1.56 inch Edge. That means 4 Centimetres. Australian, Indian, English and other players always use perfect bats.

Cricket Bat Length

Cricket Bat was first invented in 1624. Cricket bat sizes are not perfect at that time. But in 1771 cricket bat size was mentioned for the first time.

When the cricket bat was invented, people make the bat within one part of the wood. But some of the time people wanted the bat makes in two-part.

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Cricket Bat Size


In 1820 decided the bats make with handles which are added separately. After some years, people need to handle rubber. Because for a long time playing need to gripping in bat.

If the rubber covered the bat handle batsman is playing very well. So every time needs the perfect size of the cricket bats.


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