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Top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket History

The top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket History are five superstar cricketers. They are very famous cricketers in the world. All of those cricketers who are bowling fast are primarily renowned for their speed. Bowling speed is very important in this game. Cricket is an unpredictable game. People are playing as a team. One team is bowling and another is batting side. Some of the batsmen are playing very well and getting good scores.  But Bowlers are also playing well of their bowling style and speed. 

Today we discuss the top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket history. They are made their bowling speed score. Many bowlers are making their ball fastest and creating their records. 


Top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket – Mitchell Starc

Mitchell Starc is an Australian cricket player. He is a fast bowler. He is doing his ball very fast. Most of the ball speeds are 150 kph plus. He is the star player in Australia. His best record speed is 160.4 kph. That is a very fast speed in this world. The Australian teams are very dependent on Mitchell Starc. He is a left-handed player.


Top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket


Mitchell Starc has already played 69 test matches, 99 one-day matches, and 51 T20I matches, 27 IPL matches. He is playing the role of bowler. Mitchell Starc already getting 574 plus wickets. He is looking handsome also. Many players are very afraid of his bowling speed.

Mitchell Starc delivered his fastest ball in 2015. In this world, Starc is one of the best bowlers. He is already 49 wickets in the world cup. Start getting a hat-trick in 2017 in one inning. Firstly he joins Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL. After he joins in Kolkata Night Riders in 2018.

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Top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket – Jeff Thomson

Jeff Thomson was born in 1950. He is the best bowler in Australia. Maximum 100 matches he played in his life. But his lifetime record is very good. In a test match his a 200-plus wickets record. And One day match he is getting 55 wickets in his life. Jeff Thomson’s first one-day match with the England team was in 1985. He is not playing rights now but his bowling speed is very high. Most players are very afraid about their bowling speed.


Top 5 fastest bowlers


Jeff is not playing any T20I match and IPL. When he was playing internationally at that time IPL and T20I in not start. In 1972 he through the speedy ball. His bowling speed is more than 147 Kmh plus. Around 148 km per hour his bowling speed. He played his test debut match with Pakistan. But his last test match was in 1985. He is no more playing. In 1975 he played in the England team’s debut One-day match. 


Top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket – Brett Lee

Brett Lee is the most famous in this world. He is a very talented cricketer. Lee is a fast bowler. Australia team is the very hard team in the world. Most of the time Brett Lee bowls very carefully. His bowling line is outstanding. Brett Lee’s highest bowling speed was 161.1 km per hour.

Brett Lee completed 76 test matches, 221 one-day matches, 25 T20I, and 38 IPL matches. He is the best bowler in the world. Already he is getting 300 plus wickets in his test match. After that, he is getting around 380 wickets in his one-day career.

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He is a wickets machine. In 1999 he started his debut match. He played Against the Indian team in the 1999 test match. His bowling speed is very high. He was playing his one-day match debut in 2000. He has had many achievements in his life.


Brett Lee


Brett Lee is the top 5 fastest bowlers in cricket. When it comes to bowling many players face it carefully. Because his bowling speed is very high. Many Indians, English, and South African player also carefully handle Brett Lee’s bowling. He is always working hard. Brett Lee is very famous in Australia. He has retired already. But his skills and style of cricket are very famous and many people are loves it.


Top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket – Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait is also an Australian player. He is also playing as a fast bowler. He is looking gorgeous. His bowling speed. He is a young star player. His debut match with England. His first debut one-day match is also England. His bowling speed is very fast. Shaun Tait’s highest speed is 161.1 kph. He is one of the best ballers in Australia. He is a Right Arm fast baller.

Shaun has already completed 80 plus international matches. He does not play many more test matches. But he is playing most of the time one day match. He also plays cricket in IPL. His team is Mumbai Indians. Shaun plays a role in bowling. He is getting many wickets also. In Test 3 match has 5 wickets. He is taking 62 wickets in a one-day match. Shaun is taking 28 plus wickets in T20I matches. 


Shaun Tait


Shaun Tait’s bowling line was 157.7kmph speed in the IPL match. His IPL bowling speed is also very high. Many times he was also injured for the speedy ball delivery. But his speed day by day increased. Shaun Tait’s fastest ball in IPL history is 157 plus km per hour. He is a very talented cricketer. 

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Top 5 fastest bowlers in Cricket – Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib’s full name is Shoaib Akhter. He is the best baller in Pakistan. Most of the fast ballers follow him as a mentor. His balling speed is not compared to today. He has already retired from his cricket career but no one bit him from his cricket career to till now. He is bowling very fast. His bowing career is very unpredictable. He always bowling using his Right Hand. He is a Pakistani player.

Shoiab already plays for the Pakistan, Agriculture Development Bank of Pakistan, Asia XI, Chittagong Division, Durham, ICC World XI, Islamabad Leopards, Khan Research Labs, Kolkata Knight Riders, etc. He is Playing for many teams. His bowing style is so different. 


Shoaib Akhtar


Shoaib Akhter mostly plays in a one-day match. His total test match is 46 and the One-day match is 163 times. He also plays in IPLI and IPL. His wicket score is very good. Many players are very afraid to play their ball. In 46 test matches already taken 178 wickets. It’s a very big achievement. In one day match, he has taken 247 wickets in 163 Matches. It also has a big number of wickets as per the match. In T20I he also gets 19 wickets in the 15 matches. 

Shoiab after debut match against with the West Indies team in test match background. He is the first time playing Internationally One-day with the Zimbabwe team 1998. Shoaib Akhter also plays in IPL one time with the Delhi Capital team. He is playing a T20I match against the England team. 

Shoaib Akhter’s bowling speed is 161.30kmph. He is the best and top-speed bowler in this world. No one break his record till now. His bowling style and wickets rating are very good.


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