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Top 5 Best Cricket all-rounder in 2022

Top 5 Best cricket all-rounder in 2022 as ICC’s 1st name is Sakib Al-Hasan. Cricket is the most popular game in the world. Huge Fan followers are regularly watching cricket on tv or online. Today we learn about the Top 5 Best Cricket all-rounders. They are very popular in the world. Regularly they maintain their performance. 


Sakib Al-Hasan

Shakib Al-Hasan is the best cricketer in the world in 2022. He is very popular in the Cricket world. Sakin Al-Hasan is the Bangladeshi Player. He is playing cricket many times as captain in Bangladesh. He is a very famous player in Bangladesh. Bangladeshi people love to watch his playing. Sakib Al Hasan born in 1987 at Magura in Khulna Division.


Best Cricket all-rounder


Shakib Al Hasan is a Left-Hand Batsman. He is the number one All-rounder. Now his age is 35 years old. He was married to Umme Ahmed Shishir. He is playing also in BPL. BPL means Bangladesh Premier League. Shakib Al Hasan also plays for the famous Indian Premier League. Shakib Al Hasan is playing for the Kolkata Night Riders. KKR top listed player is Sakib Al Hasan


Best Cricket all-rounder


Mohammad Nabi

Mohammad Nabi is one of the best Cricket All-rounder. He is playing for the Afghanistan Cricket team. Nabi is a very popular player in the cricket world. He plays for good achievement. Now his ICC rating is also very good. 295 is the running rating for the Nabi in the ICC. Nabi is a Right Hand Batsman. And his bowling style is Right Arm Off-Spin. 

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Mohammad Nabi was born in 1985. He is the current captain of the Afghanistan cricket team. His test match is very low. Only 3 matches are playing in his test match International life. But Nabi is playing ODI 130 times. And He is playing T20 in 88 matches. In addition,  Nabi has already covered the ODI run of more than 2900 and the T20 international run is more than 1600. Nabi plays in IPL also. His IPL performance is also very good. 


Best cricket all-rounder in the world


Mohammad Nabi is also famous for his bowling. His bowling line is different from the other players. Nabi has a good score on wickets. His test 3 match has 8 wickets. Nabi has already completed 130 one-day matches and he has gotten 134 wickets. His Average wickets rating is also very good. In T20 International also got good wickets score. He has 74 wickets plus is already achieved. In his Career, already Nabi plays 17 matches in IPL. He is getting 13 wickets in the IPL. Top 5 Best Cricket all-rounder in 2022, Nabi has the second position in the ICC rank.


Best Cricket all-rounder



Chris Woakes

Chris Woakes is the top most Valuable Best Cricket all-rounder in 2022. He plays for the England team. Chris was born in 1989. Almost 34 years old Chris Woakes. Chris is very popular in his country. Chris is batting in Right Handed. He has already completed 45 test matches, 106 one day, and 16 T20 international. 

In his career in a short time, he will make a very good result. In Test, he has already completed 1600 plus runs. During his career, he makes a good enough run. In addition,  he also plays in the IPL. 21 or more matches are already complete Mr. Chris Woakes. In ICC, Chris Woake’s rating is 285 as an all-rounder.  He is in the 3rd position in the cricket all-rounder list.

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Cricket all-rounder ranking


Chris Woakes is a very popular player in England. He is also a wife. His wife’s name is Amie Louise Woakes. They have one child named Laila Louse. He makes his game different from the others. That’s why in a short time he has already made a very good performance.  He is already playing in IPL. A huge match he has been done in IPL. Chris Woakes already playing for KKR, RCB, and DC. This three-team is a very popular team in India.


Best Cricket all-rounder


Chris’s wife’s name is Amie Louise Woakes. His father’s name is Roger Woakes and his mother’s name is Elaine Woakes. Chris also has a brother also. His brother’s name is David Woakes. Chris has no sister. Chris was married in 2017. He is a very famous character on the England cricket team.


Rashid Khan

Rashid Khan is a very famous Afganisthan cricketer. He is mainly famous for his bowling role. His bowling style is so different. He plays as a Right-handed batsman. Rashid khan’s family wants Rashid khan makes his career as a Doctor. But Rashid khan choose cricket. He was also very hard working.

When he started as a national player, he makes a good run in his first match. He is already playing for almost all the best national cricket teams in the world. His dream is playing and playing in his life. Rashid khan also plays for the IPL. Rashid Khan Height is 5′ 6” Feet and he has a huge fan following now. 


Best Cricket all-rounder


Rashid Khan is not married now. He is a very young start player. Afghanistan’s best All-rounder name is Mohammad Nabi and Rashid Khan. They are very popular players in Afghanistan. Rashid khan already earns more than Indian 22 crore in the IPL section. He plays for the Rajasthan Royals in the IPL. His batting style is similar to Dhoni’s. He makes shots like dhonis Helicopter shot. Rashid’s six-shot is very popular. Many times his wickets and six-shots were very popular. 

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Ben Stokes

Ben Stokes’s full name is Benjamin Andrew Stokes.  He is a very good-looking player. He is also an English player. Ben Stoke plays for the England cricket team. Ben Stokes is the England Cricket team captain. He is a big all-rounder player in England. In 2022, Ben Stokes are the best Cricket all-rounder in the world. He is always playing well.

Ben stokes wife’s name is Clare Ratcliffe. She is a very charming lady. Ben Stokes makes his engagement in 2013 but he did not marry in the same year. After 3 years in 2017, he was married to Clare Ratcliffe. Ben Stokes was mainly born in New Zealand. He is a Left-handed batsman. Ben Stock has 3 nationalities. 


Best Cricket all-rounder


Ben has already completed 79 Test matches and 101 one-day matches. He is already 5061 test runs and 2871 runs in the One day. He is very popular in IPL also. Ben Stocks already has 43 matches complete in the IPL match. He is getting 900-plus runs in the IPL match. Ben’s age is 30 years old. He is the best all-rounder cricket player in 2022.


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