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Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22

Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22 is amazed. Padma Bridge in Bangladesh is a multipurpose bridge. Bangladesh is a small country. But its population is very high. Every time this country people are increasing. In Bangladesh rate of population growth is alarming today. In Bangladesh rate of population growth is alarming today. A Huge population is making the people situation from poor to poorer.

In addition, the same way poverty is also helping in the growth of the population. Unemployment is making the situation more embittered in this country. After that, the birth rate is more increase in poor countries compared to rich on. Importantly, It is more in poor families compared to rich ones. Population growth has been identified as the number one problem by the government. Despite extensive planning, expenditure, and the increased use of manpower. This country’s goal of birth control is not being achieved. This obvious result from the final population survey of Bangladesh.

Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22

Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22

Padma Bridge in Bangladesh is the Big Project. But this country makes some large bridges named Bellow.

Bangabandhu Bridge 

Padma Bridge

LalonSha Bridge 

Hardinge Bridge

Khan Jahan Ali Bridge

Meghna Bridge

Shah Amanat Bridge 

Paira Bridge 

Moytri Bridge

Kalurghat Bridge

Rupsha Rail Bridge

Bekutia Bridge

Gangachara Sheikh Hasina Bridge

Marikhali Bridge

Padma Bridge Update today

Thousands of rivers are spread across the country. The main ones are Padma, Meghna, Jamuna and Brahmaputra. Besides, there are innumerable six big rivers including Teesta, Surma, Kushiyara, Buriganga, Shitalakshya, Madhumati, Karateya, Karnafuli, Gorai. Each river is unique. These rivers hold the people of Bengal in deep affection. However, The winning team was rewarded.

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The river was popular as an easy means of trade and communication. And boats were the main means of communication by the river. As a result, Titus may be spared death. But the rivers that have been flooded are disappearing from our heritage and our lives. Now that river may no longer be found. Maybe it has been filled, maybe it has been occupied.In addition, dolphins and freshwater crocodiles were once found in large rivers, which are now almost extinct. The main cause of which is river pollution.

Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22

Bangladesh is a riverine country. However, there are rivers, canals, and Beels scattered all over our country. All rivers originate in the foothills of the Himalayas or our neighboring country India. No matter where the river originates, all the rivers end up in the Bay of Bengal. The rivers flowing through our country have become a blessing for us. The rivers are rich in natural resources.

These rivers are home to many species of fish and many species of aquatic animals. Many fishing families depend on these rivers for their livelihood. Our villages are built around rivers. Most of the hats and bazaars in the rural areas are built on the banks of this river. Many traditional fairs are celebrated by the people living along the river. Boat racing competitions were organized on the occasion of the fair. 

Padma Bridge in Bangladesh

However, these river paths are about to be lost. Village after village is lost in the river due to river erosion. Many families have lost their livelihoods and are on their way. Due to the shallowness of the river, during the monsoon season, the floodwaters overflow the villages. The flood started.

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If a layer of sand falls on the land after the flood, then the farmer is doomed. There is no pair of waterways to transport passengers and goods at a much lower cost than road or rail. The major cities of the country were situated on the banks of the river. Many rivers are gradually lost. Again many rivers are getting lost. That road is being paved thanks to the conscious citizens of society and our media. 

Padma Bridge in Bd-stunning hardy Padma Bridge-22

In conclusion, Numerous mills and factories are being set up in our country for the economic liberation of the country. Many of them have developed on the banks of rivers. Moreover, Lightning from all these factories is being dumped directly into the rivers. Although the factory supposes to remove harmful substances from lightning, no one is complying with it.

Toxic substances are mixing in the river water and polluting the river water. If you look at the water of three rivers (Buriganga, Turag, Balu) inside Dhaka, you can understand how toxic the water is. When the color of the water is black, no animal or plant can live there. Moreover, there are no plants or animals in these rivers. There are many such rivers in different parts of the country. The Karatoya river in Bogra was once very famous but now it has turned into a canal. 

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