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FastTrack Connection in MikroTik Comprehensive Guide 2024

FastTrack Connection in MikroTik is important sometimes for a smooth and efficient network. If the Mikrotik Router somehow shows CPU high and Bandwidth utilization is high then we need to configure it in the firewall. 


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FastTrack Connection in MikroTik


If you use this command then it works for all the users of your Router. It mainly works for bandwidth limitations. These rules make free restrictions for Bandwidth in your router. Sometimes user needs more bandwidth and they use very high utilization. But In that time Router quality is a matter for the MikroTik process time. 

/ip firewall filter add chain=forward connection-state=established, related action=fasttrack-connection


Here you already configured your user as like different package and if you have many customers in your router then you may follow these rules. One more thing, this rule works on your local bandwidth. That means YouTube, Facebook, etc. 

/ip firewall filter
add action=fasttrack-connection chain=forward connection-state=established,related routing-table=local src-address-list=!Block


FastTrack Connection in MikroTik


FastTrack Connection Step-by-Step

  • Action: The action taken on matching packets is to fasttrack the connection.
  • Chain: This rule is applied in the forward chain.
  • Connection state: It matches packets that are part of an established or related connection.
  • Routing table: It specifies the routing table as local.
  • Source address list: It matches packets whose source address is not in the “Block” address list.


Here you make your user uses shown in the filter. In that case, your package by package uses is not working in the Mangle rule. Please note it. Because when you make the rule that your client is not bound in any package then the package is not needed. But this rule we are using is mostly temporary for our MikroTik better performance. 

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