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7 Best HTML Editor – Top Html CSS JavaScript Python Editor

7 Best HTML Editor

What is HTML ???

HTML meaning HyperText Markup Language. This language is used for all types of websites or web applications. Without HTML nothing can run in the browser or Internet. This language makes the structure of websites or web applications. 

This language was developed by WHATWG. It is a font view of websites or web applications. We just see the application with this language. Firstly,  A developer develops with HTML. After development, he will design it. Every HTML tag is written inside the HTML tag. HTML tag means <html> something you write </html> and the last slash HTML tag closes it.

What is CSS ??? 

CSS means Cascading Style Sheets. After creating a structure using HTML it will be used. We know we are human and we like good structure and better design. CSS work for design. Every structure needs a design. The basic design is not so good. Because basic designs have no color, formats, extra fonts, etc. 

Html CSS JavaScript Python Editor

After that, CSS uses in 3 ways in an HTML design. Firstly, use External CSS which is written on different pages. At this time the CSS and HTML pages are linked to each other. Secondly, use Internal CSS which is written on the same page. But this style is used in the one style tag. All CSS code is written in one tag. Thirdly, use inline CSS which is used anywhere in the HTML. This type is used mainly for major changes for immediate work.

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What is Javascript ??? 

Javascript is a scripting language. When we write any code using javascript then we always use the script tag. This is a programming language. Moreover, This language has some libraries. After using this language every HTML attribute works as we program. 

Javascript language makes a website dynamically operate.  It sets the value that we need. After programming the web applications or website makes work autocratic which is what we want. So this is a very powerful language. 

7 Best HTML Editor

7 Best HTML Editor selection for you. Every coding language needs editors. We need an editor to write HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Many editors are available in the market. But we are helping you to find the best editor for your use.

7 Best HTML Editor

  • Atom

This is totally free software and it is open-source software. We use this software in any operating system like Windows, Linux, os, etc. This software is developed by GitHub and Microsoft is also with them. This is a web-based application. It is known as the web language library. This software has full-text file customization power. HTML, CSS. JAVASCRIPT easily edits in the editor file. Newly write all types of code using this software. Day by day Github updates it and This application’s workability has grown up. Many ideas have been available in the atom. We use many packages or themes in this software. 

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  • Notepad++

Notepad++ is an advanced notepad. Moreover, This software has basic all ide function. Notepad++ function is better than notepad. You can download their official site and install it on your pc. However, this software has GNU which means General public Licence. Notepad++ is mainly windows based software. The maximum coder recommends for this editor to use a new coder. It has many features. It also supports plugins. If you need a highlight feature or suggestion feature then try notepad++. This software supports many programming languages. It also supports scripting Languages and markup languages.  If you want, you will customize this software. 

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  • Sublime Text

Sublime text is similar to notepad++ software. Moreover, It also supports many scripting programming languages. After that, it also supports the python API. So you can also use this editor. But this software is not fully free software. Some of the functions have in the premium version. Sublime text similarly functions like notepad++ but the sublime text is an updated version. If you pro version then many functions are available there.

Sublime Text

  • Visual studio code

This is also for coding programming editors. Visual studio has many functions. But specific Visual studio code designs for the coding editors. Mainly its use for streamlined code editor. Visual studio code is totally free software. This is open-source software. These editors have many features for python code editing. If you are a python coder then you can try it once. Here you code python, c++, javascript, Java, etc. Visual studio code always maintains security first.

Visual studio code

  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6 or CC

This software is an Adobe product. Adobe Dreamweaver is very powerful software. HTML, CSS, Javascript, etc languages programs in this editor. Many coders use this editor. You can preview also with this Software. This software user interface is very good. You can easily handle it. But this software needs a good configuration for a better experience. 


Best HTML editor free

We know Adobe products are very powerful and expensive. However, These are also premium editors. You design and write code with this software. If you need better experience then you need a good configuration of your computer. But these editors support many languages and plugins. You should try it with better interfaces and work capability. 

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  • Froala

Froala is totally free software. Moreover, This editor makes software. It makes documentaries, design frameworks, and scripting language also. This is one of the most powerful javascript editors. This is a very fast editor. Just 40 seconds to load this software. This editor optimization power is very nice. You can try it also. However, I think you will get the best service using this software. 

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  • CoffeeCup

However, This editor is a very perfect editor to make small websites. Many coders use it on a regular basis. These editors are also totally free editors and their features are very easy and good. This editor is very powerful. Like cloud-based work. If you work its S-Drive sync then real-time previews are available as your coding. Moreover, You don’t know but your site is ready for the web browser. So you can try it for a new experience. CoffeeCup is easy to use and makes a nice website within a short time.

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