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How to Make Ramen Noodles | Top Recipes 2023

We will discuss 3 different ways, How to Make Ramen Noodles. Ramen is one of the most popular dishes. It is mostly invented from Chinese or Japanese or Korean cuisine. It is very easy to make. Anyone can try this out at home.


How to Make Ramen Noodles

1. Easy Ramen recipe

Ingredients: Chicken Breast piece 200gm, garlic powder, soya sauce, salt, oil, shrimp, chopped garlic, 1 packet of kimchi ramen noodles.

How to Make Ramen Noodles:

First of all, you have to take a bowl. In that bowl, you have to put the chicken breast piece of 200 grams. Then, you have to mix garlic powder/paste 1 tablespoon, Soya sauce 1 tablespoon, black paper 1 tablespoon, and salt to taste in that chicken. You have to marinate this for 30 minutes.

Secondly, put a frying pan on the stove. Put 1 tablespoon oil in the pen and then fry shrimps 5/6 pieces (which is washed before). During the fry, put salt to taste, soya sauce 1/2 tablespoon. Then fry for 2 minutes and don’t overcook. After frying the shirts, put aside the shrimp in a bowl. Then put oil 3 tablespoons in the frying pan again.

Then put chopped garlic 1 tablespoon of. And salt for 1 minute. After that, mix soya sauce in 3 tablespoons and water in 3 cups or as required. After boiling the water, put 1 packet of kimchi ramen in the pen. Then one has to add kimchi ramen masala of 1 packet (One can add another masala if he/she wanted). Then cook for 5-10 minutes. And then add BBQ sauce 1/2. Then turn off the heat and keep it aside.

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Thirdly, put a pan on the stove and add 3 tablespoons of oil and fry the marinated chicken. During frying, one con adds lime juice to it. It will add more taste to the chicken.

At last, this is the serving time. One can decorate this in many ways. First, put the noodles in a bowl and then add topping (like the shrimp and egg). Then add the chicken and one can add paper to it. To make the recipe more delicious one can add white sesame to it.


How to Make Ramen Noodles


2. Korean spicy ramen recipe

Ingredients: Now we know How to Make Ramen Noodles in Korean spicy. Firstly, chopped carrot, chopped mushroom, chopped spring onion(differentiate the white and green parts), soya sauce, chilli fleck, instant noodles

How to make:

First, put a frying pan into the stove and put oil on the pan. When the oil is perfectly heated then, add the white chopped spring onion. Now add chopped carrots, and chopped mushrooms (Here, one can use other vegetables as his/her preference). Now add soya sauce and chilli fleck into it.

Now add 1/2 tablespoon Thai chilli sauce (it will make the flavour spicy. So, so one will add it at their preferences). Then put the stove on medium or low heat otherwise the food will overcook. Therefore add two cups of water to it.

However, now higher the heat is. Wait until the water boils. Add salt to your taste. Now add the instant noodle and can add some spinaches (one can add here any other vegetable as their choice). Therefore now, add an egg to the pan. After cooking it for a few minutes sprinkle some paper on it.

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Now put the food in a bowl and decorate it with some green chopped spring onion and boiled egg (which is totally optional). Now served it to your loved ones.


3. Chicken ramen noodles

Ingredients: Now we know How to Make Ramen Noodles in Chicken ramen. Chicken Ramen is the top recipes 2023. Firstly, canola oil, garlic, ginger, onion, spring onion, chicken breast, soya sauce, vinegar, salt, paper, instant noodles, carrot, corianders leaf

How to make:

First, put canola oil on the pan (one can use here soybean oil). Then, add 3/4 garlic, chopped ginger 1/2 tablespoon, chopped onions 2 tablespoons and Chopped spring onion 2 tablespoons to the oil. Then after some time add two pieces of chicken breast (it can be 200/250 gm around). Therefore add 1/4 cup of soya sauce to it.


How to Make Ramen Noodles


Then add 2/3 tablespoon vinegar into it. Then, add salt according to one’s taste. Then add paper 1/2 tablespoon of. However then, add 2 cup chicken stock and 2 cup water (one can add here 4 cups of water). Then cover the pan and cooked it for around 30 or 40 minutes.

During this period, the heat should be medium. At 30 minutes, set aside the chicken in a bowl. Then one has to add instant noodles/ egg noodles to the pan. After five minutes, the noodles will be cooked. Traditionally, one boiled egg is served with the ramen. So, boiled an egg in another pan.

Then, slice the cooked chicken (here one can use beef or mutton). Then served the noodles with the chicken and egg. Then to decorate one can use chopped carrots, spring onion and coriander leaf. You can add here a lemon also. This is one of the Top Recipes 2023. At last, springling some paper on it and the delicious ramen is ready.

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